Best Luggage Sets, Hand Luggage and Travel Accessories Reviewed

It was only 20 years ago, that everyone carried their luggage by small handles attached to a rectangular body. The mystery of why it took us so long to come up with the concept of wheeled luggage aside – today’s suitcases, luggage sets and travel bags bear no resemblance to those older models!

Luggage Review is here to help you sort through the many different options, and to get the best possible price once you make your choice.

There are several ways in which you can get the information you need quickly; If you know what you are looking for in terms of brands, sizes or types, then the search box at the top of this page will take you to the right page. If you are seeking more general information, then one of the ‘best for’ pages are your best bet. In the list below you will find the best luggage options in the most popular categories – along with links to find exactly why these became the top picks.

What to Pack for a Trip to Vietnam?

What to Pack for a Trip to Vietnam?

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Antler Portobello Suitcase Review

Antler Portobello Suitcase Review

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R2R2 Spinner Suitcase from American Tourister

R2R2 Spinner Suitcase from American Tourister

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What to Pack for a Trip to Vietnam?

What to Pack for a Trip to Vietnam?

Packing for Vietnam is a balancing act. This country is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. More than 18 million tourists heading to ...

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Laptop / Business Luggage
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Cities Value Roller Laptop Case £22.99

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Antler Business 200 Mobile Office Carry On Case £85.00 £140.00

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Tumi Voyager Carson Backpack Review £241.31 £365.00


Popular Luggage Brands and Categories

Many people want to know whether it is worth the extra money to buy a suitcase from a well-known brand name like Samsonite or American Traveller. There are plenty of ‘value options’ around, which sound like the specs are very similar…

My experience is that cheap luggage is one of the worst purchases you can make. You do not have to go all-in on the most expensive suitcase sets out there, though the cheapest items are a trap.

After your suitcase starts falling apart after one or two trips, and looks terrible as it wears – you’ll wish you had gone for a better-quality item! A simple way of looking at it is to divide the price by the number of years (or trips) you might expect your luggage to last. The cheapest items (bad replicas of the brand names especially) might last a couple of years. A really good quality suitcase or carry-on bag might last 3 or even 4 times as long – and still be in great condition. These cost from 50% to 100% more than the replicas… to me this is a simple choice, and I hope that you agree with me that value is often more important than simple ‘price’.

Here at luggage review I have compared the big brands with some which are not so well known. Brands included here include: Samsonite, American Traveller, Carton, Louis Viton, (bigger list needed).

Types of Luggage

The world of luggage evolves new categories all the time. Here are some of the more popular categories which are covered in depth on this site.

Spinners: This refers to suitcases with 4 wheels, which can move in all directions. The name comes from the fact that you can spin these cases in a circle. They come with retractable handles too. This is the most popular type of suitcase these days, and comes in various sizes including carry-on and check-in versions. Samsonite do some wonderful spinners, these are also super light (as well as strong).

Wheeled: To separate these cases from the spinners, the definition is usually that there are 2 wheels only. These are fixed, meaning that you can only move in one direction. What wheeled luggage misses out on in terms of manoeuvrability, they make up in terms of strength. Fixed wheels are much less likely to break off. On certain uneven surfaces, it is also much easier to pull a suitcase than it is to push one (as is the case with Spinners).

Carry-On: Airlines are getting stricter about what size of case you can take with you onto the plane. In turn, many of the brands of suitcase have created approved carry-on sizes, which you can be sure work for the major airlines. Note that some ‘low cost’ airlines are even stricter! There are several variations here, including wheeled and spinners, some with side pockets for quick access to your laptop once you are on board.

Children’s Suitcases: Not too much to expand on here… Children’s luggage includes themed items, for example by Disney or Pixar – and even some that double up as a trolley to ride on.

Garment Cases: If you want to look sharp when you get to your destination, then you need to protect your suit or other attire. Fortunately, there are plenty of innovative options available – including some creative solutions that you might not have thought of.

Best Selling Suitcases 2021

By comparing the ‘Best Seller Rank’ and number of comments left from buyers, I have identified the best-selling suitcases for UK buyers. Some of these were accessories, or had feedback of lower than 4 stars overall – and so have been excluded. Here is an idea of the best-selling cases in different categories.

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner: This is a cabin sized to XL range of spinner cases with a hard shell. In terms of quality, well, you simply will not find any better! There is a combination lock, 4 wheels for multi-directional (push or pull) movement and a shell which resists moisture movement. You can get this case in your choice of colour – ranging from the fetching turquoise shown, through grey, black, bright red and more.

At the time of writing, this popular range comes with discounts of 20% and up (note that this can change!).

Check out the full range, impressive spec and (most importantly) the latest discount over on the dedicated product page now.

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner: This part of the Samsonite range is for people who want serious quality. It is more expensive than many other options, in my opinion the value for money is excellent. The big selling point with Cosmolite cases is that they are super-light. When you pick one up, you will be surprised how light they are able to make them. The obvious question with a case this light is whether it is strong enough – particularly when it comes to checked in luggage which needs to survive the rigours of the hold.

These super light cases come in the standard Samsonite sizes or 36 litres (cabin size) and then 68L, 94L and 123L. Just like with the S’Cure, these cases currently have a discount at – check this out – along with the impressive specs – via this dedicated product page.

Targus Laptop Roller Bag: This is by far the most popular laptop carry-on luggage. It is suitable for bigger (up to 16 inch) laptops, has 2 fixed wheels and an extendable handle. This is a good looking bag, more than suitable for executives. When you take into account the 40% discount (at the time or writing – these do change fast), this laptop bag becomes a real bargain.

In comments at, especially when it comes to bags, people do not often get too enthusiastic! This item has stellar feedback, with a lot of people very happy with what they bought. Check out those comments for yourself, along with a picture gallery showing detailed views of the different parts (and of course, the discount).