Russell Hobbs Travel Steam Iron

Summary: One word sums up the difference between this Russell Hobbs travel iron and most others – steam! This bargain priced compact iron packs a punch. It has an 80ml water tank. When you have troublesome creases (or need crisp collars), then this iron is the one to pack. It has a smart blue and white design; stainless steel bottom plate and you can even switch the voltage for US / European or Worldwide use.

As you might expect, this item has a ton of positive feedback. At this price, I can’t think of any good reason to pick a ‘no-name’ copy!

Check out the closeups of this innovative travel iron on this dedicated product page.

Russell Hobbs Dual Voltage Steam Glide Travel Iron, 80ml Water Tank, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Water Spray, Variable Temp & Steam, 1.5m cord, 830W, 22470 (Kitchen & Home)

Russell Hobbs Dual Voltage Steam Glide Travel Iron, 80ml Water Tank, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Water Spray, Variable Temp & Steam, 1.5m cord, 830W, 22470 (Kitchen & Home)

Compact and lightweight so it will fit easily into your luggage wherever you may be travelling. The Russell Hobbs Travel Iron features ….more

Detailed Review of the Russell Hobbs 760W Travel Steam Iron

You’ll get a very compact unit with this iron. It measures just 21x 11.6x 11.2cm – weighing in at 662 grams. For a this small an item, it packs a serious punch. This is a 760-watt unit, which a robust cord and UK plug. You’ll naturally need an adapter to use it elsewhere. You can switch the voltage (between 240v default and the US standard 110v) any time.

You can set the temperature for different kinds of fabrics. This uses a standard min to max dial. You’ll see the steam symbol along with the higher temperatures.

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Steam Sets this Travel Iron Apart

Steam is the magic ingredient for irons. No crease can stand its power for too long…  Try tackling that same crease without steam, and you’ll soon find how hard it is!

Russell Hobbs are specialists in steam irons and other appliances. You’ll get a small yet effective water tank, which holds 80ml – enough for a couple of garments.

Keep in mind that with Russell Hobbs, you’ll get a quality product every time. Comparing this with a cheap knock-off is difficult. When you then consider that this is (literally) just a few pounds more than the cheap and nasty versions… well, for me it becomes an easy choice!

Feedback Travel Iron

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Russell Hobbs Steam Travel Iron

While the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there are a couple of people who seemed surprised that this is a small iron! Not sure how that mix-up happened, or indeed what electronic wizardry was expected at a price point of 2 fast-food meals.

I digress, most people loved this iron, and a lot of them use words like ‘excellent’ and ‘perfect’. Some people go further, swearing by it for all their travel needs.

Some important information from the Q&A section. The Russell Hobbs travel iron can be used in Australia, though you might have to hold it upside-down…

Wrapping Up: Forget to Buy This Iron, and You’ll Be Left Steaming!

If you only buy one travel iron this decade, then I recommend that you make it this Russell Hobbs one. It is a rock-bottom price for the spec. Which includes steam, making it way more efficient than a regular iron. It is compact enough to find a nook in your luggage, and could just make the difference between looking great or not.

Check out the feedback, full gallery and bargain price point for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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