IT Luggage Hard-Shell Suitcases

The Best Hard-Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage Compared


IT Luggage have unique designs for their hard-shell suitcases range – representing some of the best value options for large, medium, and carry-on sizes.

With fourteen distinct designs to choose from, IT hard shell options are colourful, original and (best of all) cheap compared to other quality brands.

For this detailed guide, I compared the all the most popular hard-shell designs from IT luggage.

You’ll find the different options – ranging from conservative to crazy – listed below. Eco-friendly suitcases are included. They are made from recycled plastic.

These hard-shell suitcases are light, though if you are looking for the record-breaking world’s lightest cases from IT luggage, you’ll need to head over to this page instead. With so many options, I wanted to keep this page dedicated to the hard-shell IT suitcases designs.


Table: The Most Popular IT Luggage Hard-Shell Options

Note: You’ll find a mini-review of these cases below the table – and the more ‘out there’ hard cover designs introduced at the bottom of this page.


Legion Hard-Shell

Classic style and a range of muted colours - popular range.
Check Price Legion
Spontaneous Cases Pink

Spontaneous Cases

Bright colours and a lively, vibrant design - check the blue glow!
Check Price Spontaneous
Tripp Holiday 7 Cases

Replicating (Retro)

These hard-shell spinners evoke the golden age of travel - with modern touches.
Check Prices for Replicating
Eco Protect IT

Eco Protect Cases

Stylish spinner cases made from a minimum 75% recycled plastic.
Check Prices for Eco Protect
Metallic Helixian Cases

Helixian (Metallic Finish)

Striking designs and modern, practical components - check the colours!
Check Prices Helixian
Cushion Lux Hard-Shell

Unique Cushion Lux

Nothing comes close to the design of these hard-shell Cushion-styled spinners!
Check Prices Cushion Lux
Fusional IT Luggage Hard-Shell

Fusional from IT

My personal pick from the designs, the wine red version looks stunning!
Check Prices Fusional


Mini-Reviews of the Best Hard Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage

#1 – Legion Hard Shell Suitcases from IT

Legion hard-cover from IT LuggageOf all the IT hard-shells, the Legion range has the most classic style.

Horizontal lines, clean curves and black trim that complements muted colour schemes. IT Legion cases come in Asphalt (dark grey), Mountain View (darker green), Oxford Tan (beige) and Smoke Blue (a muted lighter blue).

There are five sizes to choose from:

  • Under Seat
  • Cabin
  • Medium Plus
  • Large
  • Extra Large

All Legion cases have 8 spinner wheels. They are made of ABS, with a decent size to wait ratio. For example, the Medium Plus comes in at just under 4kgs. Check-in versions of the Legion cases can expand. This significantly boosts their carrying capacity.

As with all the IT Luggage hard-shell suitcases, you get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, along with a 28-day hassle-free returns policy. Legion cases are competitively priced.

Check out the picture gallery and latest pricing now – on the Legion Suitcases page at the official UK IT Luggage store.


#2 – Spontaneous Hard-Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage

Spontaneous hard cases from IT Pink!These IT suitcases are fun, without being as ‘out there’ as designs like the Ice Cap and Glitzy cases.

I like the clean horizontal lines, which are subtle. They contrast with vertical lines on the side to create a unique overall look. There are some cool colours too, here are the options:

  • Azaelia Pink
  • Black
  • Blueberry
  • Feather Grey
  • Olive Night

There are also (updated) Spontaneous II variations, which add a lively ‘Blue Glow’ version. This is a striking glossy pale blue.

Back to the popular original Spontaneous suitcases. You get four sizes this time. Cabin, Cabin with Pocket, Medium Plus and Large. Discounts are available if you get one of two sets (large, medium then a choice of cabin with or without pocket).

Spontaneous hard-shells are made from Polypropylene. They have expander options, TSA combination locks, and spinner wheels with a narrow telescoping handle. You get the IT Luggage 10-year warranty too.

Check out the colour options and see the latest prices now – over on this dedicated Spontaneous suitcases page at the official UK IT Luggage store.


#3 – Retro Style: Replicating Suitcases from IT Luggage

Retro style 'Replicating' suitcasesThese hard-shell suitcases from IT Luggage will remind you of a golden age of travel – while the construction uses the latest plastics technology.

Key is the brown contrasting trim. This covers the zips, handles, wheel hubs and a stylishly designed stripe across the bottom of the hard shell. You get four colours to pick from: Charcoal, Cream, Honeycomb and Verdigris.

It is possible to get a matching set. The sizes are cabin, medium plus and large. Open your Replicating suitcases and you’ll see the retro style continues to the inside. This is a quality touch, with the brown lining even on the elasticated straps.

Replicating hard-shells have spinner wheels, and are made of ABS. Like many IT suitcases, they can expand. No built-in combination locks this time. A padlock through the zip heads or a separate TSA luggage strap will quickly solve this.

Check out the colours and latest pricing now, over on this dedicated Replicating cases page at the official IT Luggage store.


# 4 – Eco-Protect Hard-Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage

eco friendly hard shell luggage from ITEco-Protect suitcases quickly dispel the myth that environmentally friendly suitcases are more expensive than their polluting counterparts.

These smart hard-shell suitcases are created with a minimum of 75% recycled plastics. They look great too. For me, the designs are playful, without being outlandish. They have ridged lines, with a curved line in the middle creating room for the familiar IT Luggage logo.

Choose from two colours and three sizes. The colours are elephant skin (grey) and mint eggshell (a blueish green shade). You get cabin, medium plus, large or a (discounted) set of all three.

You definitely don’t need to compromise on the spec be environmentally friendly with the Eco-Protect range. They have the sturdy spinner wheels that IT hard-shell cases are known for, a TSA combination lock, expander section, lined interior with pocket and straps – and they come with an IT Luggage 10-year warranty.

Check out the colours, price and more on the environmental credentials now – over at this dedicated page at the official IT luggage UK store.


#5 – Helixian Metallic Hard-Shell Suitcases

Helixian from IT LuggageIT Luggage create a lot of designs, though were slow to jump on the Metallic finish bandwagon.

The Helixian hard-shell cases more than make up for the delay.

These cases have glossy finishes in metallic rose gold, black and charcoal. The unique polycarbonate cover is scratch resistant too. If you have ever owned a Lite Shock case from Samsonite, you’ll know that scratching is a major problem with this type of finish.

Helixian cases have a ribbed design, with a smart smooth area to the side for the logo. They come in the usual cabin, medium plus and large sizes. I feel they are great value for a glossy / metallic finish, especially with the warranty and IT Luggage quality.

Instead of simple spinner design, Helixian hard-shells use ‘Infinitispin Technology.’ IT say this adds balance, precision, and control (I’ll let you be the judge!). These cases have the standard combination lock with TSA override.

See the stunning picture gallery and get the latest pricing now – over on this dedicated page at the official IT Luggage UK store.


#6 – Ice Cap Plus Suitcases from IT

Quirky Ice Cap Suitcases from IT LuggageIce Cap cases are one of several striking designs from the IT Luggage range of hard-shell suitcases.

The ridges do a great job of feeling like ice, these cases are 3D, quirky and cool. I like the way that IT designed the colour options for the Ice Cap range. Choose from Ice Grey (my pick), Gossamer Pink, or Stillwater (the most stylish option). These colours can be combined with the standard IT Luggage sizing of cabin, medium plus and large. As always, you get a discount for buying a set of three.

Ice Cap luggage is made of ABS. They expand, for example the medium plus adds 7.6cm for a max capacity of 106 litres. They are a little heavier than other hard-shell options from IT, though still reasonably light.

You get spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, TSA override combination lock and a lined interior with pocket on one side and compression straps on the other.

Find your favourite colour and check out the latest prices now – over on this Ice Cap page at the official IT Luggage UK store.



#7 – Cushion Lux from IT Luggage

IT Cushion Lux Hard Cases with StyleAnother metallic rose gold option, in a wonderfully unique design with these Cushion Lux hard-shells from IT.

The design looks like a plush, comfortable cushion. In fact, it is a durable polycarbonate covered ABS shell – which is built to resist scratches and dings. This metallic rose gold version is the most distinctive. You can also check the silver and moonless night versions.

As with most IT Luggage hard-shells, you get a choice of cabin, medium plus, large or a (discounted) set.

There are multiple pockets inside, and the lining is plush. I love the small details of the Cushion Lux cases, including the matching cover on the wheels. As always, you get the 10-year warranty when you buy from the official IT luggage store.

Check out these wonderfully unique hard-shell cases now – on this dedicated product page at the IT Luggage official UK store.


#8 – Sheen: IT High Gloss Hard Shell Suitcases

Sheen Marbled Suitcase from ITSheen suitcases divide opinion – you’ll either love them or be moving along fast!

They have a glossy marbled effect, in a shiny single piece which is covered in polycarbonate to resist those annoying scratches. It looks like a marbled floor or surface, which is highlighted by gold trim on everything from the wheels to the zips and telescoping handle. By way of contrast, the inside is patterned black. This is the usual one open side (with straps) and one closed side setup.

There are four sizes for this suitcase. In addition to the three regular sizes IT Luggage use, there is an under-seat option at 45.5cms tall. The check in versions have expanding options, and combination locks with TSA overrides.

A notable feature of Sheen cases is the price. This is lower than many of the other hard-shell suitcase ranges from IT.

Check out the close ups of these unique cases now – over at the official IT Luggage UK store.


#9 – Attuned Suitcases from IT Luggage

Attuned ITThe black mid-section reminds me of the duo-tone soft-shell cases from IT – though Attuned are hard-shell ABS suitcases.

I felt that this design would also divide opinion. I like it (definitely more than the Sheen ones above), though can see it being a hard no from others. There are currently two colours. Charcoal, and Pale Mauve.

If you choose the cabin version of the Attuned range, there is an innovative front pocket – great for those tickets and other travel documents. There are also medium plus and large versions, I’m personally not sure that the design works so well for the larger suitcases.

Features include the TSA override combination lock, 8-wheel spinner system with telescoping handle, and the 10-year warranty that IT Luggage offer on all their hard-shell cases.

Check out the full picture gallery and latest pricing for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page at IT Luggage.


#10 – Fusional Hard-Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage

Fusional from IT LuggageThe new Fusional range might well be my new favourite from the hard-shell options at IT Luggage.

Wine red works perfectly with the slightly curved double lines, and the way they wrap around towards the middle feels elegant. Other colour options look great too. They are warm charcoal and Mediterranean green.

Fusional suitcases have four size options. The usual cabin, medium plus and large are joined by a smaller under-seat version (useful for low-cost airlines). The medium plus and large versions expand for extra carrying capacity.

This range has ABS construction, 8 spinner wheels and a multi-stage telescoping handle – plus combo lock with TSA override for USA travel.

I’m a big fan of this new range – check out the full gallery and latest pricing for yourself now, over on this dedicated Fusional cases page at the official IT Luggage store.


Quick Mentions: More Current Hard-Shell Options from IT Luggage

After all these suitcases, the bottom of the list is in sight.

Instead of mini-reviews, I have given the remaining hard-shell options from IT quick mentions below. This will let us move onto the pros and cons, and the FAQ section below.

  • Indulging: Like the Cushion Lux, only with contrast between the dimpled front and the vibrant colours.
  • Eco Pulse: Bright hard-shell cases with swirls and bold colours. Only available in sets at the time of writing this.
  • Glitzy: Another option available in metallic rose gold, you can also get a matching vanity case for this plus, bold design.
  • Momentous: Vanity cases with a striking striped design. I’m unsure whether the cases which match are coming back.

Check out all 14 hard-shell options (with any discounts highlighted) now, on this page at the official IT Luggage store.

IT Luggage: Why is IT such a Popular Brand?

IT Luggage has more than 40 years track-record.

They have supplied more than 100 million suitcases worldwide. While best known for their ‘Worlds Lightest’ range, IT Luggage also created the first ever expandable suitcases. Most of their ranges are now in the popular hard-shell format.

This brand is known for great customer service. You get a 28 day no quibble return option, plus a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Their delivery is cheap (feels like at cost to me), and the value for money with the luggage ranges is excellent.

Best Hard Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage

Hard Shell Suitcases from IT Luggage: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pay for my IT Suitcase Monthly?

Yes, you can use Klarna to spread the payments for your luggage – spreading the payment over multiple months.

How Many Hard-Shell Suitcase Ranges Does IT Luggage Offer?

There are 14 different options at the time of writing. Some have the full range of cabin / medium / large suitcases – while others are only available in specific sizes. Note that older designs get retired, and new designs are introduced regularly. The UK based design team at IT are busy!

Does IT Luggage Have Sales or Special Offers?

Yes, IT Luggage host regular sales. If you are scrolling the hard-shell luggage listings, some cases will have % discounts listed above the pictures. Alternatively, there is a ‘Sale’ view on the top menu, which will list all the cases (both hard and soft) which have discounts or special offers attached.

How Much is Delivery for Hard-Shell Cases at IT Luggage?

There is a fixed charge of £2,99 at the time of writing for regular delivery. You can pay a little more for express delivery too. This covers mainland UK postcodes. For ‘islands and highlands’ or delivery abroad, see the IT luggage website for details. You will be able to track your delivery online.

Sets of luggage at IT

Wrapping Up: Why I’m a Fan of IT Luggage Hard-Shell Cases

IT Luggage combine quality and lower pricing.

They do it with a range of hard-shell cases which has something for (just about) everyone. Whether you want the glitz and glamour, or an eco-friendly suitcase which gets the job done without drawing unwanted attention – there is something for you.

With a UK-based team, cheap delivery and a 10-year warranty – you can try IT Luggage with peace of mind.

Check out the full hard-shell range and check for any discounts now, over on this page at the official IT Luggage store.

Happy travels!


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