American Tourister Jetglam Suitcase Review

Summary: The Jetglam hard shell spinners from American Tourister certainly live up to their name. Those swirling ridges are smart, yet elegant – making ‘Glam’ appropriate. You get a choice of some bold colours, with blue, silver and pink available in addition to the popular black. As you’d expect from American Tourister, this is a solid build. It is made from polycarbonate and has tough double spinner wheels so that you can roll it along beside you.

At the price point, this is a solid pick. Check out the gallery, including close-ups, and the reviews for yourself on this dedicated product page now!

Detailed Review of the Jetglam Spinner Suitcases from American Tourister

This review is for the size ‘L’, which is a regular case size at 77cm tall (51.55cm wide and 29.5cm deep). The capacity is 109 litres, more than enough for most of us on an extended break. Despite the decent size, this case weighs in at just 4.5kgs. This is thanks to the build, a mix of polycarbonate and ABS – when you pick up these cases, they are surprisingly light.

It has some expandability built in. This is optional and is made possible via extra fabric around the zip.

The swirling ridged design looks amazing on the front. I also liked the side profile view, which looks more uniform and less abstract. You’ll find these cases in several different colours. The black is naturally the most popular, though blue, silver and even pink ones can be purchased.

Features of the American Tourister Jetglam Cases

Jetglam cases inside viewThere are some small touches among the features list which make a bigger difference than you might expect. The zips lock towards the top of the case. Putting the TSA combo at the top makes it easy to do those final checks before you put your case on the check in luggage belt.

The wheels are doubled, and surprisingly tough. They let you pull the case or push it in front of you – ideal for navigating around a crowded airport. There is a telescoping handle made of lightweight aluminium.

Inside you’ll find this case fully lined. Like most cases from American Tourister, one side can be zipped closed, with cross straps made of elastic on the other side. This inside view is shown on the picture to the right.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Jetglam Suitcases

So far, the feedback is limited, with these cases newer additions to the American Tourister range. Everything is positive so far. One thing that surprised me is how few people commented on the unique looks of these suitcases. What did come up repeatedly is the robustness. These cases have been flight tested by buyers, and the results have come out very positive.

Make sure you check out the latest feedback before you buy. American Tourister have a great reputation, though reviewers are very quick to highlight potential issues.

Wrapping Up: Are You Glam Enough to Buy an American Tourister Jetglam Suitcase?

These spinners look amazing, with the curve of the lines on the front bound to catch eyes – and in different colours.

American Tourister have a great reputation when it comes to mid-priced cases. I think of these as the value Samsonite cases (they are owned by the same company). With ABS / Polycarbonate and hard-wearing wheels, these cases are sure to last over repeated holidays.

You’ll already know whether you love the design. If you have any doubts on that front, then you can check the full gallery, along with close-ups on this dedicated product page.


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