American Tourister Holiday Heat Spinner Suitcase

Summary: American Tourister say that their Holiday Heat cases are ‘inspired by the sun’. I can only guess that the black version is inspired by the sun at night (though pink or turquoise are available for more adventurous types). These are smart soft side cases with 4 spinner wheels and a telescoping handle. While not at the budget level, the Holiday Heat range do offer you great value. Buyers were surprised how light they were. There are 5 sizes available. This page focuses on the medium and large checked in luggage sizes 67cms and 79.5cms.

You can check the gallery, latest buyer feedback and discounts (if any!) on this dedicated product page.

American Tourister Holiday Heat - Spinner Suitcase, 67 cm, 66 Litre, Black (Black) (Luggage)

American Tourister Holiday Heat – Spinner Suitcase, 67 cm, 66 Litre, Black (Black) (Luggage)

Inspired by the heat of the sun, Holiday Heat brings the global explorer all the comfort they… read more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Holiday Heat Spinner Suitcase

While there is nothing retro about the build, these cases have some smaller styling elements which are certainly retro-inspired. The lines have contrasting colours and (for me at least) are reminiscent of the golden age of flying.

Standing upright on 4 spinner wheels, these cases have classic good looks. They are soft sided, made of polyester which is hardy enough to withstand a lot of trips. Think wipe-clean, though soft and you have the right idea. There are hand luggage versions, though the check-in size ones fit the industry standards for medium (67cms, 66 litre capacity) and 97.5cms (110 litre capacity).

You also get a choice of colours:

  • Black with White Trim
  • Navy Blue with Light Blue Trim
  • Denim Blue with Orange Trim
  • Petrol Green with Light Blue Trim
  • Metal Grey with Bright Green Trim
  • Blossom Pink with Darker Pink Trim

Features of the Holiday Heat Suitcases

Holiday heat suitcase insideThere are 3 handles. One is the telescoping pulling / pushing handle. This has a button to release it. You also get padded handles with the contrasting coloured trim on the top and side. The TSA lock / combination lock on the side towards the top when the case is upright. This may seem like a small difference, though makes it easier to get your number in and the zips released before you lay it down to access.

Instead of twin compartments and a case which opens in the middle, this one opens towards the front. That means you get a big, useful cavern of a packing compartment. There are elasticated straps. Packing cubes will be a cheap and effective way of making the best of this space.

You do get a zipped pocket on the front section that opens. There is a mesh pocket on the inside too.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the American Tourister Holiday Heat Spinners

The theme that crosses a lot of the comments from buyers is that this case is light for the quality of the build. Even the biggest in the range (the 79.5cm case) comes in at under 4kgs. Most of the people that bought one found them sturdy and good value for money too. Spinner wheels always give a little ‘wow’ for first time buyers (especially if you have been pulling luggage for a while), and these got some compliments too.

Some negatives did bring down the average. A couple of broken wheel issues (this is covered by the warranty, but still…) and one person had a kinked zip.

When you compare this to the feedback for similar items it is very good. The price point of sub £100 (at the time of writing) even for the biggest case, is excellent value for a known brand like American Tourister. Remember to check the latest comments before you buy.

Wrapping Up: How Do the American Tourister Holiday Heat Suitcases Compare?

I love the modern though retro-inspired look of these soft sided cases. While they are solid spinners made of sturdy material, there is something classic about them, particularly when they are upright.

Check out the front-tilted opening of these cases. This has the advantage of giving you a deep packing compartment. If you do prefer 2 equal ‘half and half’ compartments, then the Neopulse from Samsonite will probably fit the bill better.

Overall, you get a lot of spinner for your money with American Tourister. This is not the cheap end, though for a sturdy, classic spinner case, you’ll find them great value.

Check out the full gallery, including close-ups, on this dedicated product page now!

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