Antler Prestwick Suitcase Review

I like the Prestwick range from Antler more than some of their other ranges.

This is a soft-shell suitcase, which comes in cabin, medium and large. It screams ‘classic’ styling. The dark tones, subtle curves and even the placement of the Antler logo work together to create a timeless look. These are spinners, and anyone that knows this luggage brand will already be familiar with the quality of the finishes and tough wheel setup.

Prestwick are mid-budget cases – when you consider how long they will last – I rate them as excellent value.

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Detailed Review of the Antler Prestwick Soft Shell Suitcases

Let’s start with the size and colour options. I’ll then cover the outside features / build, then the inside and feedback from users.

Prestwick comes in three sizes:

  • Cabin: 55x 35x 20cm, Weight 2.23kg, Capacity 31 litres
  • Medium: 71x 43.5x 28cm, Weight 2.8kg, Capacity 88 litres
  • Large: 83x 46.5x 31cm, Weight 3.2kg, Capacity 122 litres

The carrying capacity of this range is notable, the medium at 88 litres is bigger than mediums for most other brands. Cabin-size is small enough to be carry-on for the major airlines.

Colour options are all muted tones – which does work well with the classic design. There are Black, Grey, Navy, and Khaki options. For those that like their cases coordinated, you can get a set too.

As always, Antler suitcases come with a 10-year warranty.

Inside View Antler Prestwick

Outside Features

One thing that immediately stands out with the Prestwick suitcases is that they are made from tough, water-resistant material. This not only means you can wipe them clean, but it will also keep them looking smart for many years.

Prestwick cases have spinner wheels. For me they work brilliantly with the smart design, jutting out just enough to be elegant, without dominating. They are doubled, and spin in every direction. You get a narrow telescoping handle, which fits snugly at the top back of the case.

There are handles on the side and the top. They are padded and wide enough to move your cases around easily. You get a combination lock on the top for that added peace of mind when you check in your bags. This comes with a TSA override for travel to the USA.

Inside of the Antler Prestwick Suitcases

Like many Antler suitcases, the Prestwick has one big compartment, and a smaller front one. Single deep compartments work brilliantly with packing cubes – though there are elasticated straps to keep everything in place. The cream-coloured lining contrasts with the darker tones of the outside.

You get zipped pockets on the ‘lid’ side. The whole thing has a zip covering three sides. There is then a smaller single zipped pocket for easy to lose items. As always, Antler have made these interiors excellent quality.

Antler Prestwick Luggage Set

Feedback: What Did Users of the Antler Prestwick Cases Say?

Checking feedback at different retailers for Prestwick luggage showed a consistently positive impression. Many people were buying their second or third Antler case – which speaks for itself about this brand.

A couple of comments questioned whether Prestwick cases were worth the extra price. I’d say definitely. If you compare how long they will last, buying ‘no brand’ cases will cost more money over time. Anyone that has fallen into the trap of needing to replace their luggage every few years will understand that those cases are not bargains at all.

The classic looks and quality of the build got a lot of positive feedback.

As always, I recommend you check the comments at Amazon and elsewhere before you decide on which luggage to buy.

You can also get the Prestwick cases in Khaki:

Khaki version of the Prestwick Spinner

Wrapping Up: Are the Antler Prestwick Suitcases Any Good?

I’m already an Antler cases fan and was impressed by the classic looks and quality build of the Prestwick range. These cases have a big capacity, spinner wheels and a combination lock. Best of all, they are wipe-clean, hard wearing and come with a 10-year warranty.

Antler is a mid-priced brand. While you pay a bit more than the no-brand knock offs, you will get cases that will still look great for years to come.

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