Antler Clifton Hard Shell Cases Review

Summary: Antler have a lot of distinctive designs, for me, none are as stylish as the Antler Clifton hard shell cases. The uneven ridged bands just work. Not in a garish or deliberately ‘out there’ kind of a way, these cases are distinctive without being loud. There are 3 sizes in the Clifton range. Cabin, medium or large versions can be bought individually. If you are looking for a set, then you can get all 3 together.

Feedback from buyers of Antler cases is always solid. These are no exception. You can check out the close-ups and colour choices in the full picture gallery over on this product page.

Quick Notice: Thanks very much to Antler for sending me this case to review. That is appreciated! As anyone that ever met me will instantly understand – my review remains 100% unbiased.

Detailed Review of the Antler Clifton Hard Shell Spinner Suitcases

These cases have a sturdy, almost squat look – while maintaining a very distinctive style. They come in 3 different sizes:

  • Cabin Size: 55x 40x 20cms with a 37-litre capacity
  • Medium Size: 67.5x 45.5 x32.5cms with an 83-litre capacity (when expanded)
  • Large: 80x 51.5x 37.5c, with a 132-litre capacity (when expanded).

Antler Clifton Review Front SideLike many Antler cases, the angle of the wheels will give you a second glance. They look stylish, though those wheels are super-tough doubled versions. They will easily withstand the belts and movements that checked in luggage undergoes every time. This case has the appearance of standing higher from the ground than many others. It certainly looks that way when compared to my regular Samsonite cases.

These cases come in a choice of colours. While most people will opt for the black (which looks stylish), you can also pick light blue, pink, mint, olive, taupe or white. All of the lighter colours come with a distinctive black trim. My review case is the mint – a super light / pale blue. This contrasts well with the black trim and handle, it has an understated style and will be easy to spot on the luggage carousel at the airport.

Only one small thing I’m not too keen on design-wise. There are 3 plastic studs on the side opposite the lock. Two on one side, one on the top. I can see the use of them, for added protection when you unpack and during transit. Whether they needed to be in the contrasting black, I’m not so sure. This is a minor complaint, overall the case looks smarter in real life than it does on the marketing photos. An easy to overlook extra, it came in a lightweight bag, this is ideal for anyone storing cases on top of their wardrobe – no need to ‘dust off’ your cases for each use.

Features List

The zip is not dead centre, with one compartment having a deeper profile than the other. This is not as marked as the front-opening cases – though it is noticeable. You can either use a single zip, or expand the case, with the extra material tucked inside the larger compartment. This extends the carrying capacity to a full 83 litres, which is more than enough for most of us.

Antler claim that the Clifton cases’ hard shells are virtually indestructible. I have yet to take this case on a trip, though it certainly feels tough. There is a little give, with rounded corners to make sure it can deflect anything dropped on it.

There are carrying handles on both the side and top, plus the usual handle. This has two positions. As a spinner case, this will be just as easy to pull as to push – depending on the floor type.

There is a combination lock, which comes with a TSA over ride. As usual for this type of lock, it holds the zips in place until you dial in the combination. The zip-heads are bigger / sturdier than usual – adding some extra protection while your Clifton case is in transit. You get a name tag inside – an extra in case your external tags get lost in transit.

Antler Clifton Case Review: Inside

Inside you get 4 zipped pockets. One is a whole side of the case. This has two extra pockets on it. One is meshed and the other covered. The 4th pocket is on the edge of the opposite (deeper) side of the case. This is a long and narrow pocket – ideal for those fiddly smaller items. That deep compartment has elasticated straps which lock in the middle to keep everything in place.

The lining material is a standard beige colour – though feels like decent quality.

Inside view Antler Clifton

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Antler Clifton Hard Shell Spinners?

Inside Name Tag Clifton by AntlerWhenever I check reviews of Antler cases from the different outlets, the word ‘repeat’ comes up. It seems that one Antler case is often enough to convince people to buy them again. The Clifton range is no exception. It will come as no surprise for anyone who has owned an Antler case before that almost all the feedback is all positive. The style gets specific mentions for this one. One comment mentioned that the case was sturdy, though like me they had yet to go on holiday with it to give it a proper test.

These are bound to be popular additions to the Antler range. Make sure you check out the latest feedback before you buy one. If there is no additional feedback specifically for the Clifton cases, you can get a good general impression of Antler cases from their other lines.

Wrapping Up: How Do the Stylish Antler Clifton Cases Compare?

As hard-shell cases go, the Clifton range from Antler have distinctive looks. I found this case to feel more square in real life than from the marketing photos – though in a way that made it unique and cool. Stylish is a word many makers of luggage throw around. I’m sure you’ll agree that this line has a style all of its own. If it appeals to you, then the rest of the spec certainly checks out.

These cases have a ‘virtually indestructible’ shell, a choice of colours and sizes and some small touches which help them stand out. There are 4 zipped pockets inside the lined interior, a combo lock and spinner wheels.

Check out all the colour options (including those smart 2-tone ones), and the latest feedback from buyers on this dedicated product page now!

Thanks once again to Antler for sending the case for review – please see my contact us page for information on how to get in touch if you would like to reach out.

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