Antler Luggage: The Complete Guide

Antler recently revamped both their luggage range and their logo.

I’m impressed – the current Antler suitcase range is stylish, lightweight, and practical. It also keeps many of the small touches and the quality build that made Antler into such a popular brand.

This page covers Antler luggage in depth. I’ll compare the Brixham, Stamford, Prestwick, and Clifton ranges, and I’ll call out the negatives as well as the good points.

Here is what you’ll find on this page:

  • Comparison Table: The Current Antler Suitcase Ranges Compared
  • Suitcase Mini Reviews: With Links to my Existing Detailed Reviews
  • What Makes Antler Different?: Why this Brand Attracts Life-Long Fans

Shoulder bags and backpacks from Antler are not featured on this page – it’s the suitcases and luggage sets only.

Comparing the Best Luggage Options from Antler

This table shows the four current ranges, and compares the sizes, build and style. For more detail on your favourites, keep scrolling.

Note: All Antler cases come with a 10-year warranty (you simply won’t get this with no-name brands!).

The Four Luggage Ranges from Antler

Antler regularly retires their older case ranges. This means that newer models have the latest materials and technology – as well as refreshed designs.

Here are the current suitcase ranges:

  • Brixham: New! Soft-shell and super-light
  • Stamford: Smart hard-shell with designer touches
  • Prestwick: Soft-shell with a timeless, elegant design
  • Clifton: Hard-shell with bold colour options

Antler Brixham Luggage: The Lightest Yet

Brixham the newest Antler Luggage rangeBrixham is the newest range of suitcases from Antler. They are soft-shell, and expandable. Compared to the previous soft-shell luggage ranges (Marcus Siro, Prestwick) they are super-light. When you pick them up when empty, you can’t help noticing the difference. The cabin case is 1.9kg, medium is 2.4kg and large only 2.7kg.

Here are the sizes and weights:

  • Cabin: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm
  • Medium: 71cmx 43.5cm x 28cm
  • Large: 83cm x 46.5cm x 31cm

I like the style, with contrasting touches and elegant angled fronts. One drawback is the small number of colour options. At the time of writing, only black, navy, and khaki options are available. The spec includes spinner wheels, combination lock (with TSA override), telescoping handle and inner meshed pocket / elasticated strap. They are easy to wipe-clean after a trip – which is a plus point when you consider the lightweight build.

Check out my detailed review of the Antler Brixham Suitcases here.

You can check the latest price and colour options here at the official Antler store at



Antler Stamford Luggage: Hard-Shell Suitcases with Style

Antler Hard Shell Stamford RangeIt’s hard to nail what makes Stamford cases so stylish.

They are ridged, sit on four Hinomoto spinner wheels and have the characteristic lock-on-top that the other Antler cases share. For me there is a calm, assured smartness to these cases. After trying out the hand-luggage version, I can assure you that the quality is there too.

You’ll find three sizes, and a choice of both lighter (putty or khaki) and Black designs in the Antler Stamford range:

  • Cabin: 54cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • Medium: 68cm x 48cm x 29.5cm
  • Large: 81.5cm x 54cm x 34.5cm

The quality continues to the inside. There are multiple pockets, one side is open and the other has multiple pockets. Hand luggage has a built-in USB port (you’ll need to supply your own battery pack, though this is a big plus when on a longer trip).


See my super-detailed review of the Stamford Range from Antler here.

Or jump over to the official Antler store at and see how the colour options compare!


Antler Prestwick Luggage: Soft Shell Cases with a Classic Design

Best Soft Shell from Antler- PrestwickPrestwick suitcases are classic front-opening soft-shell spinners – meaning you get one big compartment, instead of two equal halves.

You can choose from black, grey, navy or khaki.

There are the standard three size options (and a discount for the full set).

  • Cabin: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm
  • Medium: 71cm x 43.5cm x 28cm
  • Large: 83cm x 46.5cm x 31cm

The covering is water resistant (and easy to wipe clean). You get a telescoping handle, four spinner wheels for 360-degree movement, and handles on the top and side. As with the other Antler luggage options, the combination lock (plus TSA override) is on the top – this holds the zip heads to secure your case.

Prestwick luggage will appeal to anyone that wants classic style (and Antler quality). You get a full 10-year warranty with these suitcases.

Here is my detailed review of the Antler Prestwick Luggage range.

Check out the smart colour options (and latest prices) for yourself, over on this dedicated page at the official Antler store at!


Antler Clifton Luggage: Bold and Bright Colour Options for Hard-Shell Suitcases

Antler Clifton Cases ReviewMost Antler suitcases are darker colours – or at least muted tones – this is definitely not the case with the Clifton hard-shell cases.

For a start you can get a pastel pink one, or Ochre (yellow), beige or even taupe. Of course, there are classics with black, slate and (my favourite) sycamore also available.

Here are the sizes, capacity, and weight:

  • Cabin: 55cm x 40cm x 20xm
  • Medium: 67cm x 45cm x 29cm
  • Large: 80cm x 51cm x 34cm

The design, while unique, fits with the Antler brand. Clifton cases are ridged differently to the Stamford ones, with bigger and smaller bumps horizontally on the shell. They are spinner cases, with the combination lock on the side instead of the usual top-mounted locks that Antler is known for.

Inside has elasticated compression straps, plus multiple pockets on the closed side.

Here is my detailed review covering the Clifton suitcases from Antler.

Check out the colour options and latest price now – over on the Clifton page at the official Antler store!


Wrapping Up: What Makes Antler Luggage Different?

Antler has a history going back more than 100 years. What got me started with this brand is the fact they have life-long fans. People buy one suitcase from Antler, then keep on buying more.

Here is my list of that makes Antler luggage worth the money:

  • 10 Year Warranty: You simply won’t get this with generic luggage.
  • Timeless / Classic Designs: Elegant, without being showy or brash.
  • Wipe-Clean Materials: Quality materials make suitcase care easy.
  • Silent (but Tough) Spinner Wheels: Glide along on 360-degree spinners
  • Extra Pockets Inside: Antler continues their quality to the inside of each case.
  • TSA Locks on Top: Easy access, with combination locks on top (most ranges)
  • USB Charging Ports: Hand luggage with USB ports, for your own charger
  • UK-Based with Excellent Customer Service: More than 100 years of great service!

Not only will your Antler luggage last far longer than any no-name alternative. You’ll feel great pulling (or pushing) a classic, elegant – yet understated – case along.

Here are my picks once again – it’s time to see if you’ll become a lifelong Antler fan as soon as you try one.




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