Antler Brixham Lightweight Suitcases Review

Brixham is the newest soft-shell suitcase range from Antler – it is their lightest luggage yet.

The weight difference is striking. The largest size (81cms) weighs in at only 2.7kgs.

I was curious whether the lightweight construction meant compromising on durability. Antler produce high quality luggage, and their 10-year warranty for the Brixham cases shows confidence in the patent-pending design. Light components include a brushed aluminium telescoping handle, plus tough plastic double spinner wheels.

Brixham cases have a smart and minimalist style. I like the angled design on the front, with two lines of orange piping and coloured touches on the top handle and one zip tag. These cases expand, with up to 5cm extra available on both the large and medium versions.

Check out the latest pricing and close-up pictures for yourself now – over at the official UK Antler Amazon store.

Disclosure: Antler kindly sent me a set of Brixham cases to review. As always, while appreciated, I try extra hard to be objective here, so as not let this affect my overall rating.

Detailed Review of the Antler Brixham Soft-Shell Suitcase Range

Let’s start with the sizes, and then get to the design elements which help the Brixham range stand out.

There are three sizes:

  • Large: 83cm x 46.5cm x 31cm – 2.7kgs – capacity 122 litres (139 litres when expanded).
  • Medium: 71cm x 43.5cm x 28cm – 2.4kgs – capacity 88 litres (102 litres when expanded).
  • Cabin: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm – 1.9kgs – capacity 23 litres.

You can choose from navy with grey contrast piping, or black with orange piping. Brixham cases are available individually, or as a set of three. Sets will arrive nested inside each other, saving both packaging materials and space.

All Brixham suitcases come with a full 10-year warranty.

Inside View Antler Brixham

Large and Medium Lightweight Brixham Cases: Overall Design

Brixham cases are spinners. With a double wheel at each corner, you can rotate them 360-degrees, push them or tilt them onto two sets of wheels to pull them behind you. With a narrow telescoping handle, you’ll be weaving around hazards at the airport with ease.

Most suitcases lock at the side. Antler place the lock for these lightweight cases on top. There is a 3-digit combination lock, which prevents the case from being opened by holding the zip-heads. This comes with that all-important TSA override for trips to the USA. The handy separate front pocket does not lock. There is a separate zip on the side with an orange tag. This allows your case to expand.

A single deep compartment design means Brixham cases have the opening towards the front. There are carrying handles on the top and the side, plus a reinforced grab-handle (flap) underneath.

The main design feature is the angled front, which ends in the contrasting piping. You also get a small colour-coordinated Antler logo on the front.

I like this design overall. Unboxing these cases, they looked a little plainer than Antler’s Prestwick soft shell range. When you step back, those minimalist lines become more elegant. The orange piping is just enough contrast to make the Brixham cases unique – without dominating the overall look.

Telescoping handles are size-specific. Medium and carry-on luggage are smaller, and the handles are taller to balance this.

Inside Features of the Antler Brixham Suitcases

Opening the front flap of the Brixham cases reveals a single, deep compartment. There are elasticated straps to keep everything in place. I found both check-in cases roomy, even without expanding. When you do use the expanding capability of the large size, you can pack a massive 139 litres.

In my experience, packing cubes work brilliantly with suitcases which have a single-compartment design. They separate things, while leaving plenty of room for extras.

Inside the lid there is a large-meshed pocket. This will save a lot of rummaging for those small and important items – as you’ll see where they are from the outside. It opens on three sides. You’ll find one more zipped (covered) pocket on the inside of the fold.

Meshed inside pocket Brixham Cases


Brixham Cases from Antler: Carry-On Luggage

Plenty smart enough for business or leisure travel – the carry-on item in the Brixham range is at the higher end of the size limit for hand-luggage.

At 55cm tall, you should check with discount / regional airlines before you fly. For flag carriers (BA, Virgin and so on), there will not be a problem.

Brixham hand luggage has a zipped front pocket. This does not lock, though the main compartment comes with a combination lock + TSA override. Like the larger versions, it opens to reveal a single deep compartment. There is a meshed pocket on the front flap, and a mini pocket on the fold inside too.

I can see this lightweight case doubling up as a business case for daily use and / or domestic travel.

Like the larger cases, Brixham carry on cases have eight spinner wheels. These cases don’t expand.

Feedback on Antler Suitcases: What Long Term Users Have to Say?

The Brixham range is brand new – which means we don’t have the longer-term (multi-trip) feedback as yet. While the 10-year warranty and long-standing reputation of this brand will give you plenty of peace of mind, I went through comments on different retail platforms for Antler cases to get an idea of the reoccurring themes.

Design and style are frequently mentioned – though it is the practical setup that gets the most complements. Front pockets, expansion capability and even the branded dust-bags that Antler luggage arrives in.

I’ll return to this section in a few months, and add any valuable feedback specific to the Brixham range.

Size Guide Antler Brixham


Wrapping Up: How Do the Antler Brixham Suitcases Compare to Other Lightweight Luggage?

Even without the logo, I would recognise the style and setup of the Brixham range as Antler cases.

These are lighter than anything Antler has produced so far – and compare well with lightweight cases from brands including Samsonite and IT Luggage. I was able to hold the largest one on a single finger at arm’s length while it was empty.

Style options are the popular black and navy. I’m sure this range would work well with other darker colours too.

You get an elegant single compartment soft-shell spinner with a front pocket, and lightweight build.

When you add the Antler quality and minimal elegance of the design, I’m certain this will be a popular addition to their soft-shell ranges.

Check out the close-up pictures, and latest pricing for yourself now – over at the official Antler store at!


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