Best Union Jack Suitcases

Summary: Union Jack suitcase options range from single hard-shell spinner cases to great value sets. You can go for the classic union jack flag, a grunge version which looks ‘painted on’, or add some design elements like Big Ben. What I like about the current selection of union jack suitcases is the build quality. There is a lot more to these cases than just a touch of ‘cool Britannia’.

This page covers the different options, ranging from smart individual cases, through complete luggage sets and even covers for your existing cases.

Detailed Reviews: Best Union Jack Suitcase Options

#1 – Value ABS Hard Shell Spinner Union Jack Cases

Best Union Jack SuitcaseIf a smart British flag, ABS hard-shell design and TSA lock are on your wish list, then this Union Jack suitcase from Stuff4 fits the bill perfectly. The lines of the red, white, and blue are clean and crisp. The white parts of the flag have a faded look when you get up close which works brilliantly. Add in hard corner covers, and a security combination lock too.

This union jack case is a spinner – with wheels that go in every direction. It has handles on top and on the side, plus a telescoping handle. The full 80 litres are plenty enough, it is heavier than some cases at 4.1kgs – though keep in mind that the ABS shell and high quality build out are responsible for this.

No worries when it comes to the quality. You get a 2-year warranty with this case.

Check out the side-on view – and read the latest feedback – over on this dedicated product page now!


#2 – Set of 3 Lightweight Hard-Shell Spinner Cases

Set of Union Jack LuggageWhen you compare the quality to the price, it becomes obvious why this set of 3 union jack cases from Lorenz is popular. The design is a little ‘grunged’, which a big ben picture transposed onto one side.

You get 3 cases. One is cabin luggage size for all the airlines (even the lower cost ones). There is a medium one, at 57cms, which will need to be checked in and is perfect for those shorter trips. The biggest is a fill 67cms, has an 83-litre capacity, and looks great.

All of these cases have spinner wheels that point in any direction. They have telescoping handles. What caught my eye was the weight. OK, they are not the ‘super light’ of the (expensive) Samsonite range. You will be surprised how little of your weight allowance is taken up by these hard-shell cases.

You can see the full gallery (including the inside view) and check out the latest feedback from buyers over on this dedicated product page.

So far buyers have been impressed with the quality.

#3 – Union Jack Hand Luggage (Spinners)

British Flag Carry OnYou can get these smart, glossy spinners in various sizes. For me, the slightly sideways union jack works best for the carry-on version. This is 20inches (55cms). That puts it at the top of the scale for carry-ons. You will have no problem with major carriers like Virgin or BA, though some lower cost carriers might get sniffy.

Unlike the other cases covered here, the glossy look is what makes these flag cases stand out. The build is polycarbonate for light and strong. There is a push button locking system, which holds the zip heads in place. Inside has a zipped compartment and a strap (the standard setup).

A lot of positive feedback for these cases.

It is a shame to see a couple of rants about the quality. I mean, this is less than 1/10th of the price of what you need to play for top-end luggage… at this price point, these cases are excellent!

Check out the latest feedback and see the style and size options over on this dedicated product page now.

#4 – Head Union Jack Travel Duffel Bag

Union Jack Duffel BegThis bag is perfect for a weekend away. It is part of the Head leather-look range – and has excellent feedback from everyone that bought one. The union jack design has a faded look. This covers the main body of the bag on the sides – with a plain blue top. It certainly has that ‘Head’ style.

There are some practical features that make Head bags worth the money. They include a lockable main compartment (zips lock) and a perfectly sized side pocket. There is an adjustable strap, plus looped carry handles.

Duffels like this are super-versatile. You can use it as a gym bag, weekend bag or just as a practical carry-on for your next flight.

Check out the designs (many more than just the British flag) and the glowing feedback from previous buyers over on this dedicated product page now!


#5 – London Themed Suitcases: A Union Jack Case Alternative

London Style LuggageThis alternative has the cool of the union jack luggage sets, though is not as brash or bold. It is a darker case, with the iconic sights of London on it. I like the contrast between the black and white background and red items. In the background you get big ben, the houses of parliament and the London eye. Red is reserved for a classic bus and phone box.

These are cheaper cases, compared to the branded options from Samsonite, American Tourister or Tumi.

There are 3 sizes, or you can go for a matching set. They are hard shell, spinner setups with a TSA combination lock (preferred for US trips). Feedback / comments from previous buyers has been excellent when you consider the price point.

Check out the gallery including the inside and bottom view and read that feedback over on this dedicated product page now!


#6 – Union Jack Backpack

Union Jack BackpackThis simple backpack / rucksack has a bright, bold union jack design. It is versatile. You can use it as a gym bag, school bag – or as carry aboard luggage which is super-easy to spot as soon as the overhead bins are opened.

There are some details worth noting. You get mesh side pockets, a zipped pocket at the front – and adjustable straps, which are padded. The entire bag is easy to wash and dry. As well as the union jack version, you will find a lot of quirky designs. Some are retro, some take popular memes as the base, and others are elegant.

Check out the different designs (or zone in on the bold UK flag version!) over on this product page now!


#7 – Grunged Union Jack Cases

Grunged Union Jack LuggageThe union jack on this case looks like it has been painted on with a wire brush. I love the effect, which is brimming with character. This case uses quality materials. The build is a mix of polycarbonate and ABS.  The makers state ‘376%’ spinner wheels, which blows my mind. Hopefully, this is a typo for 360 degrees, and not a trip to a new dimension.

It comes with a 5-year warranty. While a little more expensive than other ‘no brand’ cases, there is little doubt that this one looks the part.

Check out this dedicated product page for the full picture gallery.


#4 – Union Jack Suitcases: Covers

Suitcase Cover FlagNew printing techniques have made it possible to get cheap elasticated case covers. They make your case super easy to spot coming from the carousel at the airport. What better design than a union jack to make sure your case stands out.

This one shows iconic buildings over the top of a washed flag design: Check it out here!

How about one with a skull on top for an eye-catching alternative! Product page here


Wrapping Up: Best Union Jack Cases

None of the big brands currently do union jack suitcases. You do have a wide choice of designs, price points and sizes. These range from cheap and cheerful hard-shell cases, which have bold / glossy flag designs. There are grungy variations of the flag too.

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