Delsey Chalet Air Suitcases Review

Summary: The Delsey Chalet Air is distinctive and tough. With a track record going all the way back to 1946, the Delsey brand is known for elegance – though you will pay more than most brands to enjoy their unique cases. The ‘Chalet Air’ has a French marketing twist. This applies to the name, and the design. For me, ‘French’ is not the first word that springs to mind. Retro / elegant and gentle curves work better. The chocolate version has the most retro feel, with the silver one looking for sophisticated.

You can compare the 3 designs and see the latest (if available) discounts over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Delsey Chalet Air Suitcase Range

There are full size versions of the Chalet Air, and hand luggage size options which are 55cm. This page concentrates on the checked in version. This is 77cm tall – perfect for a 2-week holiday.

It is made of ‘virgin polycarbonate’. I guess this means that the hard-plastic shell has not been made from melted down pieces of other cases? Let us give this a ‘probably marketing speak’ tag and move on. The plastic is a lot tougher than many other ‘hard shell’ cases – you will be getting a quality build with all Delsey cases, and the Chalet Air is no exception.

This is a spinner case. It has 4 toughened wheels, which can swivel in every direction. This form of case is the standard these days. It means that the case can be pushed along, pulled, or be left standing upright. The telescoping handle is made with the same attention to detail as the main case.

Colours and Designs

You can choose from 3 designs. These are colour variations, with the main elements being the lines with curves around the central logo. The trim and handles are made in the contrasting colour. French or otherwise, these Delsey cases are stunning.

  • Chocolate: The main polycarbonate shell is a darker brown. The trim is tan leather, with smart while stitching. Black wheels complete the look.
  • Angora: Just the right shade of off-white works perfectly for these suitcases. This combines with the tan trim and white casing for the wheels to make the Chalet Air all the more elegant.
  • Silver: If you prefer a bolder design, the silver Chalet Air is the right pick. This is a matte sliver, which again looks smart with the tan trim. This version will certainly turn heads.

Inside View Chalet Air CasesDelsey Chalet Air Cases: Features and Inside Compartments

Standard features (not including the wheels and telescoping handle) include a TSA security lock. This is a combination lock which holds the zips. The ‘TSA’ part is an over-ride for the notoriously strict US customs agents. There is a luggage tag, plus handle at the top and on the side.

A big plus for this case is that both sides have zipped linings. Often you get one zipped side, and the other with an elasticated strap. Both will help keep those clothes under better control!

You get smaller zipped pockets on top of the main lining when closed. Small details like this certainly help separate these quality cases from the competition.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Delsey Chalet Air Suitcases?

Delsey Cases FeedbackThe price of these cases in comparison with budget brands did get mentioned a lot in the comments. This was usually accompanied by a ‘but’… as in ‘expensive but worth every penny’, or ‘expensive but excellent quality’.

Overall, the feedback was positive. One (French, I think) comment translated into a rant about a manufacturing defect being made worse by an incorrect URL for the local support. It seems this type of rant is not limited to UK buyers!!

As usual, the feedback on cases can and will change fast. Make sure you check this before you buy any luggage. The good news is that Delsey are a quality brand, and their reviews from buyers are consistently excellent.

Wrapping Up: Are the Chalet Air Cases from Delsey Worth the Price?

I should qualify the heading above with a note that (at the time of writing) there is a significant discount on these cases at Amazon. Overall, people that have bought these cases believe they got excellent value. This involves the build quality, style / colour options and those little extras like internal compartments and the TSA locks.

These cases would be ideal for anyone that is style and quality conscious – and wants something a little different to the standard Samsonite black boxes.

Check out the close-ups and latest comments from buyers now on this dedicated product page!

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