Delsey Alexis Suitcases – Detailed Review

The Delsey Alexis hard-shell suitcases are the first new design in a while to genuinely impress me.

It is the wavy lined ridges that make this new range from Delsey stand out. It reminds me of lines on wet sand when the tide goes out, and palm trees waving in the wind too. Add the rich tones of the glossy covers, and the Delsey Alexis cases have that ‘wow’ factor.

Delsey is a quality brand, with high-end prices comparable to Samsonite. Alexis cases are made from ABS, keeping the units light and strong. They have spinner wheels, a TSA approved lock and can expand (perfect for those longer trips).

You’ll be blown away by the full picture gallery – check it out at the official Delsey luggage store at

Delsey Paris Alexis 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Set Hardside Spinner Suitcase with TSA Lock (21

Delsey Paris Alexis 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Set Hardside Spinner Suitcase with TSA Lock (21″/25″/29″), Navy, Checked-Large 29-Inch (Luggage)

The unique design is the first to turn my head in a while, when you add the ABS build, high-end spec and…more

Delsey Alexis Suitcases: Sizes and Key Features

Here are the size options:

  • Carry-on (21 inches): This size is perfect for short trips or as a personal item on a plane.
  • Checked-Medium (25 inches): This size is a good option for longer trips or for those who need to check their luggage.
  • Checked-Large (29 inches): This size is the largest size available and is perfect for those who need to pack a lot of luggage.

This Delsey suitcase is available in a variety of colours, including black / rose gold, burgundy, navy, and platinum / rose gold.

Summary: Practical aspects of these suitcases:

  • Lightweight and durable ABS construction
  • TSA-approved combination lock
  • Four spinner wheels / telescoping handle
  • Expandable design


Delsey Alexis Luggage

Delsey Alexis Luggage: Security Features

The Delsey Alexis Luggage features a TSA-approved combination lock. This allows you to secure your belongings without having to worry about those over-zealous TSA agents busting open your case. While this will not deter a motivated thief, combination locks like this are great for keeping causal / opportunist thefts to a minimum. You can add a security strap for extra protection (I recommend one with a TSA override, for the same reason noted above).

Inside Features of Alexis Suitcases

The interior of the Delsey Alexis hard-shell cases is well-organized and features these useful features:

  • Split design with one open and one closed (zipped) compartment.
  • Mesh cover so you can see what is stored inside.
  • Open side has elasticated straps to keep things in place.
  • Stylish design continues to the lining fabric.

top view delsey alexisDelsey Alexis Suitcases: What Owners Had to Say?

The Delsey Alexis Luggage has received positive reviews from buyers. Many customers have praised the suitcase’s lightweight construction, durability, and stylish design. Other users mentioned that the suitcase is easy to manoeuvre and that the expandable design is a handy feature.

Some grumbles about the colours, though hardly anyone mentioning breaks or faults in the construction. One user found the Samsonite Omni 2 better. As a Samsonite fan I can see the point here – though their designs are not as stylish as the Delsey Alexis.

Value for money came up frequently. When you consider that Alexis luggage is higher end pricewise, this is notable. People felt they had value, despite the higher price range.

While Delsey is an established and respected brand (they are French, but I won’t hold that against them!), you should always check out the feedback from long-time users before buying any luggage. You just never know when a brand might go to pot.

Wrapping Up: Looks and Durability – Does the Alexis Luggage Pass the Test?

The Delsey Alexis Hard-shell Luggage is a great option for travellers who love to travel in style. The waved design and rich colours are unique and head turning. The cases are made from ABS, have spinner wheels and TSA-override locks. This is a beautiful lightweight, and durable piece of luggage.

See all the colour options and the (impressive) picture gallery – at the official Alexis luggage page at the Delsey store now!

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