What to Pack for a Trip to Paris

Essential Paris Packing Guide

Few cities around the world are as easy to visualise as Paris. From the iconic Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, to the beautiful river Seine and angular glass pyramid of the Louvre. This is a popular destination, attracting 30,000,0000+ tourists each year from all corners of the globe.

This page covers what to pack for a weekend in Paris. Whether you go hand luggage only, or take a bigger case, there are some essentials which experienced visitors to the French capital would not go without.

Getting to Paris from the UK has never been easier. You can fly from airports across the country. You can jump on the Eurostar, or even take the car on a ferry – and make Paris a scenic stop while you explore France.

Paris Packing Tip #1: Comfy Walking Shoes

A lot of the main attractions in Paris involve walking. Whether you are traversing the beautiful corridors of the Louvre checking out world-famous paintings, climbing the Eiffel Tower or checking out the main cathedrals and museums – you will be on foot. That pair of trainers, or comfortable walking shoes will pay dividends. There will be many opportunities to get more glamourous later in the evenings.

Paris Packing Tip #2: A French Phrase Book

While the Parisians are often knocked for being surly when it comes to speaking English, I agree with them on this point. They are proud residents of a world-class city, and they expect you to interact in their language. Packing a pocket size phrase book is simple enough – and shows that you are willing to make the effort.

If you do mangle the pronunciations, you might find that whoever you are interacting with ‘remembers’ that they can speak English after all… something which is simply not going to happen if you assume it!

These days, there are apps which do the same thing – saving that space in your luggage.

Paris Packing Guide

Paris Packing Tip #3: Cocktail Dress (or a Sharp Suit)

Paris is one of the Fashion capitals of the world. My tip for packing some glam gear is for a different reason. The city of romance is famed for its restaurants. You can enjoy the finest wines and cuisine with views of the Seine, on the Champs-Elysees, or in historic districts around the city.

Make the most of the experience by getting dressed for the occasion. Of course, you could always ‘forget’ to pack that dress – meaning a last-minute shopping trip to the boutiques of Galleries Lafayette will be needed.

Paris Packing Tip #4: A Money Belt

Like all major cities, you need to be aware of petty thefts in Paris. Despite the riches of this city, there are areas of poverty. Pick pocketing is rife in the tourist hotspots. Vigilance will get you most of the benefits, though I do recommend and under-clothing money belt. These are inexpensive and allow you to store your bigger banknotes and important cards safely.

Use a Money Belt in Paris

Paris Packing Tip #5: Seasonal Clothing

Paris gets super-cold in the winter months, and super-hot in the Summer. While the UK gets the bad reputation for rain – it can get damp in the French capital too! Pack a jumper, along with a wind-proof coat and scarf in the winter months. This is especially important for those open-top Seine cruises or side-trips to the Palace at Versailles. Those city streets can get sticky in the summer. Sunscreen, a hat, and several changes of light t-shirts is the order of the day.

Packing for Paris: Top 10 Things to Tick Off Your Bucket List

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Champs Elysees + Arc de Triomphe
  • Louvre Museum (Mona Lisa)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral (pending renovations)
  • Cruise on the Seine
  • Eat French Delicacies in the 5th and 6th
  • Take a Day Trip to Versailles
  • Visit gothic churches including Sainte-Chappelle.
  • Go underground for a new experience in Les Catacombs.
  • Hit the shops at Galleries Lafayette.

Wrapping Up: Paris Luggage and Packing Guide

Everyone should check out Paris. This amazing city will have you coming back again and again as you uncover the food, shopping, art, and history. Contrary to the cliches, Parisians can be friendly and charming – the key is to speak in French and show a little appreciation of their knowledge (whether this is of wine, food or just the directions!).

You will want some stylish luggage for your trip. Hopefully, my guide to what to pack for a trip to Paris has given you some great ideas.


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