Cheap Camping Rucksack from Regatta – The Survivor III

Summary: Regatta have produced a robust camping rucksack at a cheap price point. It is made of hardwearing 600D polyester, and comes in blue, black, or green. While obviously not a high-end rucksack like an Osprey, it looks well-made and has an extensive list of features. They include the air-mesh back, hip belt straps and the sliding chest harness. With a 45-litre capacity, this is plenty enough for a camping trip – or a visit to a festival.

For the price, the Regatta camping rucksack will get the job done – and I’d expect it to last a few years too.

See the close-ups of the features and check the latest price for yourself now, over on this dedicated product listing page.

Regatta Survivor III Hardwearing Padded Camping and Hiking Rucksack - Dark Khaki, 45 Litre (Sports Apparel)

Regatta Survivor III Hardwearing Padded Camping and Hiking Rucksack – Dark Khaki, 45 Litre (Sports Apparel)

Solid camping rucksacks at a cheap price point – the Survivor III will get the job done…more

Detailed Review of the Regatta Cheap Camping Rucksack, 45 Litres

Let’s start with the size. This model is just over 60cms tall, 41.2cms wide and 14.3cms deep. For that size, you might be surprised by the 454-gram overall weight. The total capacity is 45 litres. Think of this as 3/4ths of an average medium checked in suitcase.

There are three colour schemes to choose from.

The black one has grey straps and yellow highlights. There is a green version (grey trim) and a smart navy blue one – again with grey trim.

All these camping rucksacks are made from 600d polyester. This is hard wearing and will easily wipe clean should you experience any muddy fields or spills.

Pockets on the Regatta Survivor III Camping Rucksacks

I like the fact that the main pocket has a zipped lid. If you are not familiar with the standard setup for camping rucksacks, this hooks over the top. You unzip, then get to access the main deep compartment. Careful packing here, there is little more frustrating than having the items you need right away at the bottom of the rucksack!

In addition, you get closable pockets on either side, mesh pockets for drinks and smaller items you need while on the move are also useful.

Front View Regatta Camping Rucksack

Straps and Attachments

Adjustable straps are a must for comfortable hiking. The Regatta have padded straps which are impressive for the cheap price point. There are adjustable straps at the front and the air-mesh for added comfort. The clips are basic plastic ones, though they get the job done.

There are hooks at the top, which let you clip on other essentials while you hike.

Feedback: What Owners of The Regatta Cheap Camping Rucksacks Said?

Decent, though not glowing feedback for these Survivor III bags. When you view it through the lens of the cheap price, the comments look good.

Some people experienced zip breaks. This is never welcome, and something to keep in mind. Overall, quality came across as a positive. The hard-wearing material got individual praise and several people noted that their rucksack had lasted well.

Make sure you check the latest comments before you buy any rucksack – however cheap / value the price. You just never know when a solid brand reputation can turn.

Wrapping Up: Is the Regatta 45 Litre Camping Rucksack any Good?

Sure, there are better rucksacks out there for campers and hikers. The problem is that those will list you a lot more money. Twice as much or more is common for comparable products from the big brand names like EastPak.

Regatta does an excellent job with these 45 litre bags at a super-cheap price.

While they are not head-turning in terms of features and design, they will get the job done for multiple years, without breaking the bank.

Check out the colour options and see the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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