IT Divinity Suitcases

Summary: One word sums up the look of the IT Divinity Suitcases – ‘Plush’. There is a hint of luxury with the padded / quilted cover. At the same time, anyone that has owned an IT case before will know they are big on functionality. The Divinity case is black, with smart gold trim and that stitching which makes them subtly different to other cases. They come in different sizes. I’ll focus on the check in (90 litre) version here. You will find a note on the cabin-sized Divinity case below.

Feedback is excellent for these IT cases. Multiple owners mentioned that they are hard wearing – more than just a pretty / plush-looking exterior!

You can read the latest feedback and see the close-up shot in the picture gallery over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Detailed Review of the Divinity Luggage Range from IT

The standard sized checked in case in this range is labelled ‘medium’. This is just shy of 70cms tall, 44cms wide and 26+7cms deep (with the side pocket contributing the 7 when full).

It is light – weighing in at just 2.9kgs. That is not the ‘super-light’ of the famous IT ‘Worlds Lightest’ cases, though does feel light compared to the no-brand cases – especially the hard-shell ones. This is a strong case. It is officially a ‘soft shell’, though IT luggage has a ridged build which is not easily squashed, even when checked in.

As a spinner case, you get wheels on each corner. They come in pairs. IT calls this superior wheel control – though it will work the same as any spinner. You get a choice of pulling it, pushing it, or spinning it around. Some excellent design touches, with the wheels and telescoping handle both having rose gold colouring.

Pockets and Features

A lot of checked in style cases open in the middle, revealing two equal halves. This one opens towards the front. That leaves a deep compartment. There is a smaller pocket on the front, which expands when in use. This is what explains those extra 7cms for the size. You can see this is bigger at the bottom when viewed in the side profile (see the gallery for this view). One more outside pocket has a long zip across the front. This works for documents / small things requiring easy access.

There is a combination lock at the top on the side. This has a TSA over-ride for travel to the USA. You will find handles on the top and the side.

Inside View Divinity CasesDivinity Luggage from IT: The Inside

If you thought the stitching and gold touches on the top were kitsch, then you are in for a treat the first time you open your Divinity suitcase. The lining is a cool, dark, leopard skin!

There are also some practical features on the inside. The deeper compartment has an elasticated strap to keep everything in place. On the slimmer front panel, you will find an additional zipped compartment covered in mesh.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Divinity Cases from IT?

People loved the design, and the practical features got a lot of positive feedback too. The spinner wheels came in for individual praise – the word ‘gliding’ was used. There were several comments which noted that this was lightweight.

Size-wise, the medium was great for most people. There were one or two that missed that extra room inside. There are large versions of the Divinity luggage range. Check the IT luggage store for the different options there.

I do recommend you check the comments before buying any case. Rants aside, the experience of users will give you a much better idea than the slick words of any marketer.

Wrapping Up: Are the Divinity Cases from IT Right for You?

When people see the stitching, the gold trim, and the leopard skin style lining of the Divinity cases, they will immediately know whether it is right for them.

If the look and style of these cases is right for you, then the good news is that the practical aspects all line up perfectly. The spinner wheels, handle, lock, and pockets / handles all make great use of IT luggage’s experience – in short, they have created a quality case with those kitsch good looks.

Check out the full gallery, which shows close-ups of all the key features, over on this dedicated product page now!


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