IT Hard Shell Cases the Legion Review

Summary: The IT Luggage Legion hard-shell cases break the mould of the super-light nylon range IT are best known for. These cases are tough. They are made of high-impact materials and have a striking look. There are three sizes in the Legion range. This page reviews the check-in size ones, though keep in mind that there is also a hand-luggage version. These cases have 8 wheels, a pair on each corner. While many IT cases have wide handles, covering the width of the case, these ones have a more ‘normal’ narrow carrying handle instead.

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it luggage Legion 8 Wheel Medium Spinner Expandable Hard Suitcase, 71 cm, 110 L, Olive

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Detailed Review of the IT Luggage Legion Hard-Shell Suitcases

There are 3 notable features that make the IT luggage legion range stand out. These are the material, which is so good that IT have zero qualms offering a 10-year warranty. Second are the doubled spinner wheels. Third, this case is expandable. If you need it, you can fit 25% more luggage inside than for a regular hard-shell case. In a world where 95% of expandable cases are soft sided, this is a big plus.

There are 3 sizes in the Legion range. These are the standard 55cm, 68cm and 80cms. The biggest of these is a giant. This one has an incredible 161 litre capacity.

You can’t miss the styling. Importantly, this is not over the top or garish in any way. The contrasting trim certainly helps add appeal, and the straight lines give the shell some character, without getting too complex or fancy.

Colours include grey, olive, gold and cobblestone.

Special Features of the IT Luggage Legion Hard Sided Cases

IT Legion Case Inside ViewDoubled wheels help keep these cases rolling smoothly. This might seem like a minor point, though that extra wheel width on the floor can be the difference between gliding along and simply rolling. The handle has different heights and will lock into place easily when not in use.

There are padded handles on the top and the side.

Inside you get a grey nylon lining. One side is zipped, closing completely with the zip going around 3 sides. The other side is open with the regular elasticated bands in place to keep everything in place. As with most hard-shell cases, there are no outside pockets.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Luggage Legion Hard-Shell Spinner Cases?

IT luggage in general gets a lot of positive feedback, though not the 100% ‘gushing’ reviews of some of the most expensive brands. The feedback for the luggage Legion range follows a similar pattern. Most people loved their cases, were pleasantly surprised with the quality, and left short but sweet comments to that effect.

Only one major negative to report. Someone had a broken zip on the inside, and some problem with the handle. These will be covered by the IT cases 10-year warranty, though complaining about them does seem fair enough.

The lightweight build also came in form some praise. Keep in mind that new feedback arrives all the time. It is worth checking this out before you by any case over at amazon.

Wrapping Up: Should You Join the IT Luggage Legion?

IT are known for quality cases. They back this up with a 10-year warranty (more than the lifetime of cases in my family!). While best-known for their soft cases, especially the super-light ones, IT produces some excellent hard sided cases too.

The luggage Legion range has clean lines, 8 spinner wheels and dual inside compartments – one of which zips. If you are looking for a smart hard-sided case which is durable enough to last for multiple trips, then these cases are ideal.

Check out the colours, close-ups and that all-important feedback over on this dedicated product page now!

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