IT World’s Lightest Checked in Suitcases

Mark’s Update: The new Lykke cases from IT are amazing. While the Duotone have been out of stock for a while now, you’ll find eco-friendly, lightweight cases over at the official IT Luggage UK store – check out the new designs now!


Summary: Even if you have tried ‘lightweight’ cases before, the IT ‘World’s Lightest’ range will still have that wow-factor. The unique use of fibreglass poles and tough but light fabric makes these checked in cases feel unfeasibly light. According to many buyers, they are plenty tough enough to withstand the rigours of frequent travel too. The case reviewed here comes in the standard medium and large sizes. There are different styles available as part of the wider range. Most of these are plain enough, with some brighter variations available.

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it Luggage World's Lightest New York 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase (Apparel)

it Luggage World’s Lightest New York 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase (Apparel)

You can read about how light these cases are, hear about it – but it is only when you pick one up that reality sinks in…more

Detailed Review of the World’s Lightest Check-in Size Suitcases from IT

Lets start with the weight. After all, other than the unique looking handle, this is the main selling point for this part of the IT range. The medium (74cm) version of this case weighs just 2.3 kg. To put this in perspective, that’s a big case for something not far over 2 bags of sugar!

The dimensions of the medium version are 74cms x 44.5cms x 26.5cms. You’ll get a capacity of 74 litres – plenty enough room to take advantage of the extra you get by not using up your weight allowance on the case itself!

There is also a large version with a 105-litre capacity. I have covered IT carry on cases in detail in my hand luggage section.

IT World’s Lightest: The Outside and Build

These cases are spinners. This refers to having 4 wheels, a telescoping handle, and the ability to move around in each direction. Those wheels are narrow, though issues with them (even when the cases are full) are very rare.

IT are known for wider handles. Most case makers use narrow adjustable handles, which take up room from the middle of the case. On these IT cases, the handle is as wide as the case. This means the poles can be at the edges, saving on additional grooves in the construction. I think this looks good too – different from everyone else at the airport. There are also regular carry handles on both the side and the top.

There are two outside pockets, which is unusual for a check in style case. The corners have plastic shields. Those fit with the design nicely and add some all-important extra protection.

Inside View IT Worlds LightestInside: Lining and Straps

Light coloured lining is more important than you might think. This helps you find things faster, especially when your case is crowded. There are mesh pockets inside the lid. The main compartment is deep, with elasticated straps to keep your things in place.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Worlds Lightest Check in Luggage from IT?

What came across in the comments for these (and similar) IT cases is just how many people are on their 2nd, 3rd and so on. It does appear that once you try IT, other cases seem too heavy (or maybe look too generic) for you to want to go back.

Of course, the weight came in for many remarks. These were generally positive, with some surprise that the cases were hardy at this extra-low weight. One comment covered broken wheels. This does not seem to be a common thing, though obviously when it does happen it is very disruptive.

New feedback is coming in all the time, so make sure you check the latest before you buy.

Wrapping Up: Are These Super Light Checked in Cases Right for You?

There is a little more to IT luggage than just the light weight construction. These cases have the latest materials, with tough fibreglass poles and durable polyester covering. What you need to add is the distinctive good looks. These start with the wider handle plus the wide choice of design and colour.

With 2 zipped front pockets, 2 mesh pockets inside, a deep packing area and straps to keep everything in place – you’ll have more than enough places to keep your things organised.

These IT cases might be the world’s lightest, though that does not mean you need to compromise on the other features.

Check out the gallery, plus the latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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