London Fog Newbury Suitcases

London Fog Newbury spinner suitcases are a stylish alternative to the usual soft-shell luggage options.

The grey hounds tooth plaid material has a different kind of style to the brash metallic cases which are so common these days. London Fog is a big brand in the USA, meaning that you won’t need to compromise on quality. The Newbury range comes in five sizes, including under-seat, holdall, and the usual small, medium, and large options.

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London Fog 28 Inch Suitcase with x4 Spinner Wheels - Soft Shell Luggage Drag Handle | 95L Litre 70 cm | Newbury LFL004 (Large)

London Fog 28 Inch Suitcase with x4 Spinner Wheels – Soft Shell Luggage Drag Handle | 95L Litre 70 cm | Newbury LFL004 (Large)

Hounds tooth design and a quality build, the Newbury spinner suitcases from London Fog come in five sizes, including a…. more…

Detailed Review of the Newbury Suitcase Range from London Fog

As usual, I’ll start with the size options, then get into the features covering the outside and inside of these cases.

The core part of the Newbury range is S / M / L spinners:

  • Small: 58cm
  • Medium: 69cm
  • Large: 80cm

As alternative options, there is an under-seat version (that looks almost cute!) and a wheeled holdall, both have wheels and telescoping handles. The under seat works for the low-cost airlines. Note that the small is 58cm, which is large for carry-on, even for the bigger flag-carrier airlines. I like the design of the holdall, which has the handle built into the bottom.

Underseat london Fog case

Outside Features and Spinner Wheels

All the Newbury cases from London Fog are spinners. The wheels are designed to match the plaid style, with white spokes on a black background. They are also designed to withstand the checked in luggage experience. You can literally spin these cases around, push them or pull them along.

The first thing you will notice on the outside are the twin pockets. This case is designed with one big compartment, opening at the front. There is a separate pocket for easy access on the front. Double zips (with silver design) make this easy to access on the move.

Newbury cases don’t have combination locks. I did note that the zip heads have holes that are plenty big enough for a separate lock.

Handles on the sides and top are padded, with a touch of white trim.

Inside the Newbury Suitcases from London Fog

The inside compartment is cavernous. So big that you should consider some packing cubes to keep everything organised. There are elasticated straps to hold everything down while you open the case.

On the inside of the front is a zipped compartment, you get a mesh pocket there – which is always useful for those easy to lose effects.

I rate the inside as functional, though nothing fancy. The grey material is in keeping with overall design, though does not continue the hounds tooth theme.

Luggage from London Fog

Feedback: What Did Owners of the London Fog Newbury Suitcases Have to Say?

Plenty of feedback on this popular range from London Fog. The general feeling is positive, with 90% of comments in the 4 / 5-star range.

It is the quality that gets mentioned the most. Some users were pleasantly surprised by it, others simply noted that Newbury suitcases are well built. The style gets comments too. People were pleased that the hounds tooth plaid design worked just as well in real life as it did on the photos.

The only grumble I could find said that this case was not what the buyer wanted. No idea why.

As always, do make sure you check the latest reviews. While less risky with a big brand like London Fog, things can change quickly.

Wrapping Up: Is the London Fog Newbury Suitcase Range Any Good?

It is rare to see a truly unique design – though for me the hounds tooth fabric of these London Fog cases ticks that box. If you love the look, then the quality certainly matches. For a mid-range price, you get a robust soft-shell spinner suitcase in a range of sizes.

That under-seat one is popular, though there are options there for even the biggest packers. It is the small touches which help these cases stand out. From the wheels to the handles, the design team have added those details which make the Newbury cases special.

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