American Tourister Lite Ray Suitcases

Lite Ray suitcases from American Tourister are soft-shell, super-light and have a fresh, vibrant design.

They fill a welcome gap. Sure, you will find plenty of vibrant designs in the American Tourister collection. What you could not find until now is the fresh look combined with a lightweight, strong frame. There are three sizes, and four colours. For those that prefer to stand out from the regulation black, some bright shades await.

See the close-up pictures, and check the latest pricing now, over on the Lite Ray page at the American Tourister store.

American Tourister Lite Ray Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Upright S (55 cm - 43 L), Jet Black (Apparel)

American Tourister Lite Ray Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Upright S (55 cm – 43 L), Jet Black (Apparel)

Super light frame with American Tourister quality, a great choice of colours too..more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Lite Ray Suitcases

As usual, I’ll start with the sizes, then zoom in on the features.

There are two small versions, one expandable, one not. Both are 55cm tall, which fits with the bigger airlines carry-on requirements. The expandable version has a 48.5 litre capacity. The regular one (which is the popular option) is still big, with a 43-litre capacity.

You then get a medium, which is 69cm tall and 75 litres, and an XL at 81cm / 105l.

The colours include a smart black, which still manages to look vibrant thanks to the stripes on the front and white arrow on the bottom of the front pocket.

Options are:

  • Chili Red
  • Forest Green
  • Magenta Haze
  • Golden Yellow

These colours are bright – you’ll have no problems finding your Lite Ray cases on an airport carousel and might well turn heads in the airport too.

Inside View Lite Ray

Key Suitcase Features

The Lite Ray range is noticeably lighter than the other soft-shell options from American Tourister. Small ones are only 1.6kgs and medium 2.3kgs. While not as light as the record, breaking IT Luggage World’s lightest, this is still firmly in the lightweight category.

You get spinner wheels in pairs on each corner. They look great, with spokes. These wheels pivot in all directions. Push or pull your Lite Ray cases depending on what kind of floor surface is used. The lightweight telescoping handle is standard for American Tourister cases.

These cases have a combination lock, with a TSA override key. Set the combination yourself when you get your case. There are handles on the top and side.

Pockets and Inside Features of the Lite Ray Cases Range

You get an outside pocket on the front of these cases. They always come in handy on the move.

American Tourister put the opening at the front. If you are more used to the split into two setup, the single deep pocket is an impressive change. This comes with elasticated straps to keep everything in place. I recommend packing cubes for this type of design – you will wonder why you did not discover them sooner!

There is a smaller pocket with mesh on the opening, perfect for those small and important things.

For me, the inside ticks all the right boxes, without being flashy or exceptional in any way.

Bright Yellow Lite Ray

Feedback: What Buyers of the Lite Ray Spinner Suitcases Said?

Ah, the comments on major retail outlets…

I took the job of separating the frustrated rants from the useful feedback and had some laughs along the way.

The combination lock seems to have caused concern. Someone was super-upset that their entire life was ruined by this… it took (wait for it) a search on YouTube *shocked face here* before the penny dropped that suitcases come with 0-0-0 combinations as a default. You then get your card from inside and follow the instructions to change.

A bit harsh? Maybe, the angry rant is worth reading though…

Back to the real feedback, this is positive without being glowing. Lots of comments on the lightness of these cases. People were happy with the value too.

Wrapping Up: Are the Lite Ray Spinner Suitcases from American Tourister Any Good?

This is a mid-price case from a popular brand with a lightweight frame and choice of vibrant colours.

If you love the style, then this case will not let you down. For the price, you get a known-brand, solid spinner wheels and those small features that are important while you travel. The TSA override combination lock is a plus.

I like this range of cases, if only for the super-light frame.

Check out the dedicated product page over at now, for the zoomable pictures, prices, and entertaining comment rants.


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