American Tourister Bon Air Suitcase Review

Summary: Bon Air is a classic part of the lightweight ‘spinner’ suitcases range of leading brand American Tourister. The looks are sharp and bold, setting this range apart from other designs. At the same time Bon Air will not stick out in any garish way – think sharp yet understated! There are 4 double wheels which move in any direction, a combo lock (with TSA over-ride), a zipped pocket and lightweight telescopic handle.

You can also choose from 3 sizes and no less than 14 colours, that is a lot of different combinations! Check out the impressive picture gallery, options and feedback from previous buyers for yourself over on this dedicated product page.

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase 75 cm, 91 L, Black (Luggage)

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase 75 cm, 91 L, Black (Luggage)

Extremely strong 100% polypropylene zipped suitcase with fixed three digit TSA Lock for added security….more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcases

The first thing that strikes you with Bon Air cases is that the solid build and weight do not match up. These cases are 100% polypropylene. That makes them very tough, though a lot lighter than you expect. That ridged styling is the second thing you’ll spot. As many of the previous buyers that left comments have said, these really are very sharp looking cases.

The sizes are as follows:

  • Small, 55x40x20cms, 30 litre capacity and 2.5kg total weight
  • Medium, 66x46x25.5cms, 53 litre capacity and 3.4kg total weight
  • Large, 75x54x29cms, 83 litre capacity and 4.2kg total weight

American Tourister Bon Air Insider View

Extra Features of the American Tourister Bon Air Suitcase Range

All of these cases have 4 wheels, these are tough, smaller wheels which swivel in any direction. This makes it just as easy to push this case as to pull it. You can adjust between the two based on what kind of ground you are moving over.

There is a 3-digit combination lock. This uses the zips when the case is closed. You hook the zippers into the lock, set your number and unlock from there. Perfect for deterring opportunists, this also has a TSA over-ride.

One extra that you might not spot right away is the discreet address tag space on the back of the case. Inside, you get a zipped compartment, lining and straps for handing down your clothes. I should also mention the pulling / pushing handle, which has an ergonomically designed handle.

For me this case looks its smartest in plain dark colours. Not everyone will agree, and so the Bon Air comes with a lot of choices. These range from plain black to mint green, lilac and even ‘solar yellow’ (think an extra shiny Minion and you’ll be close!).

You can see the available colour and size combinations on the dedicated Bon Air product page.

Feedback American Tourister Bon Air

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the American Tourister Bon Air Cases?

The solid build gets a lot of compliments in the comments from previous buyers. Of the many thoughts, the most common thread is that this is quality case for the money you’ll pay. Some people found scratches after a few trips. This is always a hazard with glossy colours – and a matte choice will cover them better.

Colour choices get some compliments. Judging by the labels above each comment, there are people out there that are fans of the ‘fresh pink’ and other vivid designs.

Wrapping Up: A Smart Black Bon Air? Or a Shocking Bright Yellow One?

Timeless angled design combines with the high-tech materials and quality build. This is a case which will last a while. With positive feedback from a lot of buyers, and a wide choice of sizes and colours, this American Tourister case is certainly one for the short-list.

Check out this dedicated product page and see the options for yourself now!

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