Antler Prism Hard Suitcase Review

Summary: There is little doubt that the Antler Prism range are good looking cases. The write up says they are inspired by British design. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I just can’t think of any designed known for abstract slightly misaligned rectangles. Prism cases are made of a new material known as ‘Makrolon Polycarbonate’. This keeps the cases light, with the medium version an impressive 3kgs. They are also tough and have a warranty to back that statement up. These are mid-price cases compared to the competition. Many people swear by the quality of Antler, and if the feedback for these cases is anything to go by, the Prism range keeps that quality going.

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Antler Prism, Durable & Ultra Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcase - Colour: Charcoal, Size: Medium

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Detailed Review of the Antler Prism Check in Cases

There are three sizes in the Prism range. This page will focus on the medium and large – check in luggage size. There is also a hand luggage version, which is perfect for all but the strictest low-cost airlines.

Mid-sized versions are 66cms and 65 litres, while the large ones are 78cms and 108 litres.

The design is distinctive, without being over the top. From a distance, the cases look like they are made of 100’s of small rectangular tiles. As you get closer, you’ll realise they are grooves and ridges in the solid polycarbonate shell. You do get a selection of colours. Charcoal is the most popular option, though you can also get orange, purple, red and more.

One note on the colours. Unlike many other case makers, Antler put the different colours on separate pages at This means you might need to dig around to find the exact colour you want.

These are lightweight cases. The shell is flexible, though hardy enough to stand travel. If you have seen those adverts where people stand on a seemingly flexible case and it holds their weight, then you’ll already have the right idea.

Features of the Antler Prism Check-In Suitcases

There is a lot more to these cases than just unique looks and lightweight materials. For a start they have spinner wheels. This refers to 4 wheeled cases where the wheels go in any direction. You can pull the cases along as usual or push them – ‘diving’ around all those lost people cluttering up the airport terminal.

In addition to the button accessed telescopic pole, you’ll find a carry handle on two sides. There is the obligatory combination lock, which does come with a TSA lock.

Inside you get one zipped compartment, and one with an elasticated strap though no zip cover. The lining is grey nylon.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the Antler Prism Suitcases?

Prism from Antler Open ViewGood to fair feedback overall for this model. The lightweight build did come in for praise, with many people noting that they are tough enough for frequent travel. More than one person noted that they have already bought one before adding another – this is a positive sign with any type of luggage. Attractive design was a winner with several people too.

One of the negatives is hard to understand. It looks like someone was complaining they did not get a TSA key to go with the lock. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time! There were a couple of quality control issues (missing zip head on the inside pocket for example). It was also noted that the high-gloss surface did get scratches.

Overall the feedback is positive, especially when you consider that these cases are around half the price of some of the big-name rivals.

Wrapping Up: Should You Get A Prism Hard Shell Case from Antler?

If you love the design, then the spec, build quality and features certainly check out. These are lightweight cases, made of Makrolon polyester. They are designed to be flexible, light and great looking.

With spinner wheels, you’ll be able to push your cases, as well as pulling them. This makes life a lot easier, both travelling too / from the airport, and while you are there.

The feedback was excellent for the Prism models, with many of the themes that come up for most Antler cases reoccurring here.

Check out the full gallery now – and check that feedback and for any latest discount while you are there.

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