Samsonite B Lite Spinners

Summary: Smart, sophisticated and convenient the Samsonite B-lite spinners are hugely popular cases. It comes in six different sizes from small to XXL so you can find something just right for you. It is stylish and well-designed enabling you to easily keep things organised. You will also find duffle versions, and a range of colours. That trusted Samsonite quality will hit you right away. The B Lite range is perfect for those looking to invest in something sturdy that will retain its looks for years.

Check out this fantastic suitcase on this dedicated product page and see the range of colours and sizes including internal pictures of the case.

SAMSONITE B-Lite Icon - Spinner 71/28 Expandable, 83 L, 2.6 KG Hand Luggage, 71 cm, 90 liters, Black (Luggage)

SAMSONITE B-Lite Icon – Spinner 71/28 Expandable, 83 L, 2.6 KG Hand Luggage, 71 cm, 90 liters, Black (Luggage)

Smart, sophisticated and convenient the Samsonite B-lite spinner is a popular case. It comes in six different sizes from small to XXL so you can…more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite B-lite 3 Spinner

If you are looking for a smart and sophisticated suitcase that is the right size for you then the Samsonite B-lite 3 spinner could be a good option. This suitcase comes in seven different size options. Whether you are going on a long weekend away or a two-week vacation you will be able to find an option that is right for you. There is a lot to love about the Samsonite B-Lite 3 Spinner. It is practical, convenient and easy to manoeuvre.

Each suitcase has four double wheels to increase the stability and allow you to smoothly move it 360 degrees without lifting. This will help to make your journey easier by making navigation through busy airports, train stations and streets a breeze. There is also a sturdy ergonomic handle grip to increase levels of comfort. The B-lite has lockable zips. These help to keep your items safe from casual thefts. There is a large, spacious main compartment and a large U-shaped front pocket. The front pocket is useful for keeping important documents you might need while travelling. In the main compartment there are ribbons and a zipper divider pad to allow you to keep your things in place and protected.

Inside View Samsonite B Lite Spinners

B-Lite Spinners Sizes Guide

There are 6 Sizes in total, along with a choice of colours in each size. Here are the dimensions in cm, along with the carrying capacity and weight.

  • 55 x 35 x 25. 35.5 litres, 2.3kgs
  • 55 x 40 x 20. 36.5 litres, 2.3kgs
  • 56 x 45 x 25. 52 litres, 2.5kgs
  • 63 x 41 x 25. 55.5 litres, 27.kgs
  • 71 x 46 x 28. 81.3 litres, 3kgs
  • 83 x 53 x 34. 137 litres, 3.6kgs


Check out the different sizes and colours on this dedicated product page and see a full gallery of picture including internal views.

Feedback Samsonite B-Lite Spinners

What Previous Buyers Said About the Samsonite B-lite 3 Spinner?

This suitcase has overwhelmingly positive reviews, people love it as it is great value for money and a fantastic smart looking case. Buyers discussed how the bag survived repeated trips through busy airports – and how they were surprised with how high the quality was given the price. Users said that the quality was excellent and some said they were totally satisfied with the quality. People love how lightweight this case is enabling them to move the case easier and allowing them to make the most out of their luggage allowance.

The combination lock is also a feature that reviewers seem to find convenient. One common theme is that most buyer discussed how spacious the bag was. Depending on the journey and the length buyers have taken enough with them for up to two weeks away. Many reviewers also mentioned they would buy more or recommend this suitcase to a friend showing what a fantastic option it is.

There are some negative reviews however there are not many of these compared to the positives. Some negative reviews are due to quality issues such as wear and tear, this is completely fair but may be due to faulty items in the batch rather than the product. There are also many reviews stating how high the quality of the product is and how robust it is.

Overall this is a fantastic suitcase that many reviewers strongly recommend.

Wrap up / Next Step

This is a fantastic high-end suitcase range that will allow you to find a case that is the ideal size for you. It is smart and stylish, suitable for business trips and spacious in design allowing you to make the most of your luggage allowance. Designed for comfort, the ergonomic handle and double wheels will make the bag more comfortable to move. Many reviewers would recommend this product to friends and/or buy additional cases. This case comes in six sizes and four colours including dark blue, black, red and Walnut.

Check out the fantastic colour and size options on this dedicated product page to see a wide variety of pictures including clear internal pictures of the case.

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