Antler Portobello Suitcase Review

Summary: Antler is one of those brands that you will return to every time, and the Portobello range has the looks to match the traditional quality. These cases have an aluminium look, along with stylish parallel ridges. You can choose from four sizes, all of which have spinner wheels and telescoping handles. Antler cases have a lot of fans – and the Portobello is no exception. I found it hard to find any range of suitcases with so many positive reviews at different retailers.

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Detailed Review of the Portobello Suitcases from Antler

There are blue, pink, red and light grey versions of the Portobello suitcases. These all look fantastic, and I am basing this detailed review on the brushed silver version. To me this is the pick of the range, it is not mirror-shiny, just brushed enough to glow without dazzling.

You can choose from four different sizes in the Portobello range:

  • Cabin Size: This one is 55cm by 35cm by 23cm and weighs 2.5kg
  • Medium (non-expander): 68cm by 46cm by 26cm and 3.5kg
  • Medium (expander): 68cm by 46cm by 31cm and 3.2 kgs
  • Large (expander): 79cm by 53cm by 35.5cm and 4.4kgs

Capacity tops out at an impressive 124 litres for the large version when expanded. Note that the medium version which does not expand has a limited range of colours. The medium which does expand is lighter than the one that does – and has more colour options.

Features: Outside

Black trim makes the Portobello range feel classic – at the same time as being brighter and lighter than all but the newest Samsonite cases. These are spinner designs, with small yet sturdy wheels that spin in every direction. I like the design. They look more like mini car tyres / caps than other suitcases.

To take full advantage of the all-direction wheels, there is a lightweight telescoping handle. This sits snugly onto the top of the case when down. There are handles on the side and top. Zips lock into a combination lock on the side. This has a TSA override, which is great for travel to the USA.

Inside View Portobello Cases

Antler Portobello Cases: Practical Interiors

Antler used the one open / one closed system for the interior of the Portobello range. The bottom has an elasticated strap that locks into place to keep your larger clothes in place. The top is covered with a zipped top. There are pockets (mesh) on this for those smaller and easy to lose item.

All the cases have a quality lining, which is grey.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Antler Portobello Suitcases Say?

Antler FeedbackI have yet to come across an Antler suitcase without positive reviews. This traditional company has something that the no-brand knockoffs don’t: quality.

Feedback is important for luggage. You need to know how the cases look and work after a couple of real holidays or business trips.

Amazing feedback for the Portobello on just that. Multiple people at different outlets said they used them for holidays and still have a glowing / 5-star review.

Something else that stood out was the fact that the Portobello range are easy to spot on the carousel at an airport. While I did not use Google Translate, a lot of the foreign language feedback also had the maximum five stars.

Wrapping Up: Are Antler Portobello Suitcases Right for You?

Style is important for luggage – though without quality too, you would be throwing away money. With Antler cases, you get quality suitcases which will last and last. The Portobello range gives you a choice of size, with styles ranging from brash and bold to subtle and smart.

Antler luggage buyers are the most loyal I have come across.

When you own one of their cases, there is a huge chance your next purchase will be from their range.

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