Tumi Alpha 2 Hand Luggage Review

Summary: Travellers for whom quality is king swear by Tumi and when you see the elegant, versatile Alpha 2 56cm hand luggage, you’ll quickly see why. This is stylish without being fancy or over the top. Its pockets, mesh and frame expansion capabilities make it useful for business or leisure. This is approved for EasyJet / BA and other major airlines as hand luggage. It has 4 wheels for 360-degree movement.

This is one impressive hand luggage – if you thought that the ‘high street’ brands like Samsonite were the pinnacle, then it is time to think again!

Check out the gallery showing the style and innovations of the Tumi Alpha 2 for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

TUMI - Alpha 3 International Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry-On - 22 Inch Rolling Suitcase for Men and Women - Black (Apparel)

TUMI – Alpha 3 International Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry-On – 22 Inch Rolling Suitcase for Men and Women – Black (Apparel)

As close to the ‘ultimate’ business carry-on luggage as I have reviewed, the Tumi Alpha 2 is…more

Detailed Review of the Tumi Alpha 2 56cm / 30 Litre hand luggage

Let’s start with the practical parts – the size and capacity. This carry-on is 35.6cms by 22.9cms by 55.9cms.

That is small enough for the major airlines, though too big for a carry on with Jet 2, Ryanair and the other super low-cost carriers. The unpacked weight is 4.67kgs. Capacity-wise, you can fit 30 litres into the Alpha 2. This is balanced by the innovative packing system, which makes it possible to fit 2 suits / garments into this bag.

I love the front lid… in fact this is such a great idea, that I’m shocked no other luggage brand has it as standard. This has the potential to solve a lot of fiddling around, as long as you pack your essentials here. This lid gets you to the same main compartment as if you had opened the case length ways.

There is also the ‘Level Lock’ system, which allows you to separate the main compartments to your needs. This is ideal for getting your garments to that business meeting in good condition. In addition to the two regular zip pockets, there is a mesh zip pocket.

Detailed Review Tumi Alpha 2Construction and Trim

Black comes as standard, and is the top choice of most travellers. Tumi will personalise your case (for extra money) with their ‘trim options’. This is made of hard wearing nylon, you will feel the difference in quality and build compared to regular cases. There are 4 double-wheels, one at each corner. This gives the Alpha 2 hand luggage all-direction movement – putting it into the ‘spinner’ category.

Feedback Antler Juno Suitcases

What Previous Buyers Said About the Tumi Alpha 2 Carry On Luggage?

Themes which reoccur in the comments include ‘heavy duty’ and ‘quality’ (in the context of the material). People do note that this is not one of those super light plastic cases which are all the rage these days. Instead you get a solid, robust spinner. Keep in mind you’ll be lifting a couple of pounds more into those overhead lockers compared to a lightweight case.

Pockets and easy access also came in for some individual praise. The one concern was that the price point might not make sense for people who only travel once or twice a year. I can see the point here. This case is aimed at frequent travellers, particularly those who fly for business frequently.

You can read the feedback about this Tumi case for yourself over on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Wrapping Up: Is the Tumi Alpha 2 Hand Luggage Worth the Extra Price?

If you want the ultimate in quality and practicality, then this is exactly the right bag for you. If you are a budget traveller, particularly on low-cost airlines, then you should probably check out budget options instead.

Innovations, robust build and great looks make this the ‘alpha’ when it comes to the suitcase world. Could you risk bumping into a potential client pushing anything else?

Check out the inside / outside picture gallery and read that feedback for yourself over on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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