Wenger Patriot 17 Inch 2 Piece Business Set Review

Summary: Wenger started out making Swiss Army knives and watches and you can see that attention to detail in the Patriot 17 inch business luggage set. In fact, that quality and precision is now the cornerstone of their popular business luggage range. The Patriot can be bought as separate items or as a set. It combines a wheeled weekend case with a separate laptop bag / briefcase. It looks stunning, very smart and super-professional. The real eye-opener comes when you see the insides… Feedback from business travellers can be harsh (the demands of this leave no room for error). I do recommend that you check the feedback on this Patriot 17-inch set – it has gained a lot of fans!

Check out the impressive full gallery, and read that feedback on this amazon.co.uk dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Patriot Laptop Case and Weekend Bag

You’ll get 2 separate bags for a competitive price. The bigger bag is a Comp-U-Roller. This is a hand luggage case, which is designed to hold a laptop up to 17”. It has an extendable handle, so you can roll it along, and 2 ‘easy glide’ wheels – which have been designed with corners and manoeuvrability in mind.

When you see this bag opened, there are several compartments. The biggest is at the back (the handle side). This is plenty big enough to keep a change of clothes for a night or even a weekend away. Essentials can be kept separate, along with any documents (CDs are shown in the gallery). Organization goes small enough that there are spots for your business cards too.

The other bag is a matching laptop bag. This will allow you to leave your main bag in the hotel or office reception – and take a regular briefcase sized bag into your meetings. At 15.4 inches, this second bag is plenty big enough for most modern laptops.

Inside view Wenger 17 inch

Precision Features of Wenger Bags

What you’ll get with Wenger that the ‘knock off’ type business luggage from Asia misses is an attention to the details and quality materials.

Wenger bags are 3-layered. This protects your laptop from bumps or drops from smaller heights. There are always ‘Quik Pocket’ additions to these cases. These allow for fast access to the essentials as you travel. Wenger have thought through those moments when you need keys, documents and so on – and designed their bags around those.

Add to this easy glide wheels, lightweight materials and smart good looks.

Feedback for Wenger Patriot

What Previous Buyers Said About the Wenger Patriot 17 Inch + Laptop Bag Set

I always look for themes in the comments left at amazon.co.uk. In this case the word that reoccurs often is ‘quality’ – as in excellent quality. Some people complain that the Patriot is on the small side for a weekend bag. The majority are more impressed, with one buyer saying they bought 10 (for colleagues) and everyone was delighted.

For the smaller price point, the feedback is excellent. One buyer got a wobbly wheel, and was happy that everything was resolved by Wenger in 2 days.

Wrap Up: Wenger 2 Piece Business Luggage Set

For me this set is a real bargain. You’ll get a super smart business weekend roller, plus a smaller laptop bag from a known brand – business luggage that could last you years.

Design is only one aspect, Wenger have been though the scenarios familiar to business travellers, and designed their products around this. Swiss design, smart looks and a keen price – a real value proposition.

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page to see the full gallery, inside and out!

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