Berghaus Arrow 30 Rucksack

Summary: You might already know that Berghaus bags are top quality – with the Arrow 30 Rucksack, you can add ‘comfortable’ on top. These mid-sized rucksacks are versatile. You can use one on a hike, as hand luggage on a flight or even for your sports / gym gear. The Arrow rucksacks have classic looks, with a main body and two bigger side pockets. It is the detail that counts, check out the front part of the straps, which are designed for a snug, comfortable fit.

These are popular bags from an established UK brand. Check out the colour options and see if there are any discounts over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Berghaus Arrow 30 Rucksack

The ‘30’ in the name is for the carrying capacity of this backpack. 30 litres are plenty enough for day-to-day needs. If you are going on a longer trek, with tents and gear, then you’ll need to double this to 60+ litres (here is a perfect example).

While this is a compact rucksack, it does have the look of a trekking backpack. The tall bulge at the top, straps – which play an important role in the comfort – and hook / loops all belong on pro trekking gear.

You get a choice of three colours. My preference is the black one, which has some ‘extreme red’ tints. There are dark blue and green versions to choose from. All have the trusted Berghaus name and logo visible from behind you.

Arrow 30 RucksackPockets at Storage Options

The main compartment is accessed by lifting the cover / lid part that you see on top of the bag. This reveals a single deep compartment, which is plenty enough for the bulk of your kit. While the mouth is wide, this is a long compartment. As you gain experience packing it, you will understand that digging around in the bottom is not ideal. Saving this for the least frequently used items works.

There are two large pockets on the sides. Each is closed with a tough zip, designed not to break, or get snagged. The other accessory are the polyester fabric loops. These could be walking pole attachments, or you could add on some additional storage.

Berghaus Arrow 30 Rucksack Review: Materials and Straps

This bag is made from durable polyester. It is made for treks in mind and is plenty tough enough to handle day to day use without getting scuffed or scruffy. A lot of what makes Berghaus rucksacks better than the no-name (or worse, 6 capital letter ‘brands’ you will never hear from again 2 weeks after buying), is in the straps.

These are fully adjustable and designed to sit comfortably. Check out the details, which include a cross strap and easy adjustment options.

Feedback: What Owners of the Berghaus Arrow Rucksacks Said?

Rucksacks are not a natural attractor or positive reviews… This one is certainly an exception, with a ton of great feedback from many different types of buyer. What I found notable is that there are very few ‘middle to meh’ reviews. Everyone got exactly what they expected and loved the quality and the build.

Something else that came through is the versatility of these rucksacks. Sure, hiking was a big use-case, surprisingly, they had a lot of day-to-day use cases too.

Make sure you check out the latest comments, whether you end up with a Berghaus rucksack or any other. This will give you a lot more insight into how a bag works for regular people than any glossy marketing brochure will.

Wrapping Up: Is the Berghaus Arrow 30 Rucksack Right for You?

This rucksack hits a sweet spot. Many hiking / trekking style bags are far bigger. Unless you are going on a big trip, you won’t need anywhere near the 90-litre capacity of the biggest bags.

Berghaus used many of the features which make their bigger rucksacks best-sellers and put them into the compact Arrow 30 designs. You get a choice of colour, multiple pockets, and straps which are designed to sit snuggly and comfortably.

Check out those close ups – and see the latest feedback from users – over on this dedicated product page for yourself now!


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