Samsonite Roader Backpacks

Mark’s Summary: While Samsonite are famous for their suitcases, their Roader backpacks range is every bit as good. This is a wide range, with multiple colours, sizes, and specs. I have focused on the medium laptop backpack here. This hits the sweet spot for me. It is perfectly sized, without too many zips / compartments and works brilliantly as a day bag, business backpack or travel bag.

Samsonite quality covers the entire range – which is explained below.

Find all the designs and see the impressive close-ups showing the pockets / options over on the Roader backpacks page at the official Samsonite store now!

Samsonite Roader - Laptop backpack 15.6 inches, 44 cm, 24 L, gray (Drifter Grey) (Luggage)

Samsonite Roader – Laptop backpack 15.6 inches, 44 cm, 24 L, gray (Drifter Grey) (Luggage)

Roader backpacks are made with Samsonite’s unique ‘Recyclex’ technology, they are stylish, practical and.. more


Detailed Review of the Samsonite Roader Backpacks Range

This detailed Roader laptop bag review will focus on the medium version.

It is 15.6inches tall (that is around 44cms) and has a capacity of 44 litres. Samsonite Roader backpacks are surprisingly light. This one weighs in at just 800 grams. Keep in mind that the wheeled versions are heavier. Unless you have a giant laptop – this backpack will be perfect for work. For me it is casually stylish and works as a gym, day, or travel bag too.

Samsonite use their ‘Recyclex’ technology for the Roader range. This material uses recycled PET bottles for both the inner and outer material. It creates a sturdy skin, which will repel water. You won’t need to compromise on the looks to stay environmentally friendly either. This material is used in many of the most popular Samsonite Suitcases too.

Colour and Size Options

For the laptop backpacks in the Roader range, you have multiple combinations of sizes and colours.

Here are the sizes:

  • Large EXP: 17.3 inches (46cm)
  • Medium: 15.6 inches (44cm)
  • Small: 14 inches (42cm)
  • With Wheels: 3 inches (55cm)

There are also travel versions, which are bigger.

Here are the colour options:

  • Deep Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Deep Blue
  • Jungle Green
  • Lime Green
  • Olive Green
  • Drifter Grey
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Radiant Yellow

I like to see the yellow and orange options. Samsonite are often more ‘conservative’ in their colours compared to other brands. Those two Roader backpacks will certainly catch the eye.

Samsonite RoaderPockets and Specs for the Samsonite Roader Laptop Backpacks:

You get two main compartments, plus a horizontal zip for a small front pocket with the Roader laptop bags.

The biggest (rear) compartment is where you’ll store your laptop. This has a separated area inside for those small accessories (or just to keep things easy to find). I like the wide opening for this. The second biggest is more flexible. Like the main compartment it opens wide with a zip all the way around. It fills the front of the backpack. That front pocket with the upright zip is for tiny items. It is big enough to slot your boarding pass and passport for travel, or your keys.

Roader Laptop Bags Review: Accessories and Straps

Samsonite backpacks have padded straps. They are comfortable worn traditionally over both shoulders, though also work slung over one shoulder. Each strap is adjustable using a seatbelt-like buckle. They clip together in the middle, stabilising your bag. You can also pick it up like a holdall, with a padded strap on top. Samsonite made this handle bigger and more padded than similar ones on their other backpacks.

Other notable additions are the size bottle holders, a handy rain cover and even pen holder slots inside.

You’ll never know they are made of recycled material from the design and quality – though a significant portion of the fabric is from recycled PET bottles.

Side View Samsonite Roader BackpackFeedback: What Regular Users of the Roader Backpacks from Samsonite Said?

Great feedback ratings so far for this range across multiple retail outlets. This ties in perfectly with other Samsonite products I have covered here at Luggage Review.

While I expected to see the Samsonite quality mentioned, the surprise was the many mentions of the size. It feels like the Roader backpacks have got sizing just right. Not too big and bulky, and not to small as to fail in usefulness. This positive feedback was from multiple countries – though Amazon now have a button to see an automated (close enough) translation.

I see no reason that the great feedback Samsonite receives for multiple lines to change any time soon.


Wrapping Up: Is the Roader Laptop Backpack Range from Samsonite Right for You?

If you love the style and are willing to pay a little extra for Samsonite quality – then the Roader backpacks are perfect.

They are smart and practical enough for work and make great travel bags and day-bags too. Samsonite smart colours are joined by some bright options this time, something for every taste.

While the spec is standard, you’ll find attention to detail and practical extras make these bags stand out.

I’m a Samsonite fan for many years – and these backpacks are a great example of their work.

Check out all those colour and size combinations now – and find the perfect Roader backpack for your needs – over on this page at the official Samsonite store at!


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