Samsonite Onmi Hard Shell Spinners

Summary: Onmi spinners are a rare sight, even among fans of Samsonite hard-shell spinners. To me, they have the style of a musician’s flight case. Add the practical features Samsonite specialise in, and you have a case worth checking out. Omni cases come in spinner or check-in sizes, and in midnight black and arctic silver. They have 360-degree spinner wheels and a lightweight polycarbonate shell.

I rate Omni as that sweet spot between traditional hard shells and the top priced ultralights.

You get a lot of case for a reasonable price.

Check out the close-ups in the impressive picture gallery on this dedicated Onmi suitcases page on the official Samsonite store now!

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Omni Hard Shell Spinner Suitcases

The Arctic silver version of the Onmi looks like brushed aluminium. It is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate. This makes it lightweight, tough – though (importantly!) nowhere near as expensive as those real aluminium cases.

With horizontal ridged design touches and contrasting black trim – this case is a head-turner. You can choose from a medium spinner or carry-on version. Or you can save money by going for a set which includes a large spinner.

These are spinner cases, with the latest small wheels. A small detail is the matching trim on the front of the wheels. You can swivel your case around – though most people choose to either pull them or push. The design allows for expansion.

Features of the Omni Spinner Cases

This model opens with a zip. The heads lock. The standard combination lock has a TSA override – almost essential these days if you are checking luggage in on a US flight.

Plastic handles on the top and the side let you move your case around. The telescoping handle is lightweight. This clicks snugly into place on top of the case when you are not using it.

I covered the spinner wheels above. One more thing about these is just how easily the Omni stands in place. Just make sure you don’t leave it on a slope!

Samsonite Omni Inside

Inside Compartments and Features

Let’s start with the stylish lining. Unusually, Samsonite have used a patterned fabric here. This looks great and is plenty tough enough for regular travellers.

Omni cases use the open and closed compartment combination. The lined open side has black straps which cross over. You can see how effectively they hold your clothes into place on the gallery. The other side has a larger zipped compartment with a horseshoe zip. It also has a twin pockets and a zip on top for smaller items.

Nothing too unusual about the setup – with that lined material making the difference.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Onmi Cases Said?

Mostly positive feedback on this model. Several people at different outlets felt they got great value with these. I’m thinking that the ‘superlight’ look vs lower price tag felt great for these buyers!

Some minor gripes about scratches. This will always happen with metallic designs (not just from Samsonite). If you would be horrified by a scratch – your best bet is a matte design or a smart soft-shell case.

Overall great feedback. I did not feel the same level of enthusiasm from buyers compared to the superlight cases or traditional hard-shells. As always, do make sure you check the latest comments for yourself, whatever case you buy!

Wrapping Up: Is the Samsonite Onmi Right for You?

I rate this as an outlier. It has many features of the superlight cases, plus a stunning metallic finish. The kind of buyer that would appeal to loves the ultra-light range of cases. Add a longer shipping time, and I’d recommend the S’Cure range or Prodigy hard-shell instead.

That said, if you love the looks, Samsonite quality and want to save a bunch of money – then Omni spinners are excellent cases.

Check out the options and delivery times now, over on this dedicated Samsonite store page!


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