Samsonite Base Boost Spinner Suitcases Review

Summary: If there is one soft-shell suitcase which showcases the history and quality of Samsonite, it is the Base Boost spinners range. They are instantly smart, with the clean lines and small touches making an elegant, almost playful impression.

Base Boost spinners are also practical. To start with, they are lightweight, with a wipe-clean tough material and expandability option. You get four sizes, including two options for the carry-on versions. Add front pockets, TSA compatible combination locks and telescoping handles – and these spinners will last you for years.

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Samsonite Base Boost - Spinner L Expandable Suitcase, 78 cm, 105/112.5 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Base Boost – Spinner L Expandable Suitcase, 78 cm, 105/112.5 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Elegant and practical, with the quality you’d expect from Samsonite… more

Detailed Review of the Base Boost Soft-Shell Suitcase Range by Samsonite

I love the elegant and smart look of the Base Boost range.

They sit up proudly, with the spinner wheels smaller and longer than many other ranges. The square feel works with a thinner profile than many other cases – for me Base Boost is the opposite of ‘boxy’.

This range has a black and dark blue option, and you can get multiple sizes / options.

Here they are, along with the height:

  • Upright Small: 55cm (41 litres)
  • Spinner Small 55cm (40cm length, 39 litres)
  • Spinner Small 55cm (35cm length, 35 litres)
  • Medium Expandable: 66cm (73.5 litres)
  • Large Expandable: 78cm (112.5 litres)

As a quick aside, there is an option to buy a large expandable along with Apple Air too. Note that the check-in versions are expandable, though the carry-on sizes are not. At 55cm, you are at the upper limit for most airlines – do check before you fly.

TSA Combo lock Samsonite base boost

Outside Features Overview

I mentioned the spinner wheels above, these are tough plastic and will swivel in all directions. If you have only ever pulled your cases along, then the ability to push them and navigate around crowded airports will be a game-changer. The telescoping handles have a push-button to release. You also get handles on both the top and the sides.

Samsonite Base Boost spinners have combination locks, which are handily placed close to the top on the side of each case. These are the zip-head grip type. There is a TSA override, which is for US travel to stop US customs breaking open your bag for a random search.

You get a front pocket with Base Boost. This is a key reason to choose soft-shell luggage – you don’t get them with hard shell Samsonite options like Lite-Shock and Spark SNG.

Base Boost Spinners: Inside Pockets and Features Guide

Like most Samsonite soft-shell suitcases, Base Boost spinners have one big inside compartment and a smaller pocket on the inside of the opening flap. If it is your first soft-shell (or front opener) then packing cubes work wonderfully with this setup.

You get an elasticated strap to hold everything in place.

On the door side the zipped pocket has a mesh. This is a plus – as you can store small things safely and see where they are before you unpack the entire compartment. As always, the lining, zips and straps are top quality for Samsonite cases.

Inside View Samsonite Base Boost Suitcases

Feedback: What Did Long-Term Users of the Base Boost Suitcases from Samsonite Say?

Feedback at different retailers surprised me a little. It is super-positive, though I expected the elegant design to be the big take-away.

Instead, the most frequent feedback involved value for money – in a good way. People found these cases durable and practical, and felt that they were well worth the money. Not too many major negatives at the time of writing this Base Boost review. One buyer had a genuine issue with the combination lock which sounded frustrating. They still gave the case a positive review.

This feedback ties in perfectly with the other Samsonite cases. Not everyone is used to the slightly higher prices, but almost always get a positive surprise on the quality level.

As I say again and again here at Luggage Review, cheap luggage is more expensive in the long run – as quality suitcases last for years.

Wrapping Up: Base Boost Spinner Suitcases Review from Samsonite

The looks speak for themselves with the Base Boost range. These are elegant, smart, and playful all at the same time. The black looks amazing, though I would love to see more colour options available (maybe something brighter and bolder).

If you love the look of Base Boost cases, then the practical details line up brilliantly. They are light, tough, expandable, and secure. With a big inside compartment, you make the most of the packing space – though I do recommend packing cubes to keep things separate.

Base Boost cases are built to last for years.

Check out the elegant designs on the picture gallery, along with the latest price now – on the official base boost page at Samsonite’s store.


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