Kuak Large Beach Bag Review

Summary: When it comes to beach bags, bigger is better. These bright, bold large beach bags from Kuak have become best sellers. When you see the comments from buyers, the size, practicality and inside pockets all get mentions. There are 4 designs for this beach bag, with extra patterns for the different models. With rope handles and an easy to clean material, this is the perfect bag for packing all those must-have items for your next trip to the beach.

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Detailed Review of the Kuak Large Beach Bags

This bag is 22 inches across by 15 deep and 6 wide – that is plenty of space! The makers recommend 10kgs of goods inside. That is probably on the conservative side, though unless you are carrying 2 litre coke bottles it will not be an issue.

There is a comfortable 13-inch shoulder drop from the rope carry handles.

You can choose from 4 designs:

  • Blue and White Stripe (pictured above)
  • Red and Blue Stripe
  • Red and Navy Blue (different design, though similar size)
  • Tote-Beige

All these bags can be machine washed – perfect for getting rid of that sand and ice-cream splashes. You need to wash at 30 degrees or cooler. You can wipe the material clean too.

Security and Pockets… and a Bottle Opener

Inside Pockets View Large Beach BagBeach bags which have a main zip are popular. When you are walking from the hotel to the beach, this adds security, when you get there it will stop things escaping into the sand.

What makes these large beach bags from Kuak stand out are the pockets and holders inside. There is one zipped inside pocket, plus two open ones for keeping small things separate.

In a masterstroke, the makers of this bag have included a bottle opener. If you have ever got to the beach and realised you left yours at home (I have!), then you will see the significance of this.

You also get a waterproof phone case. While this is welcome it does have that ‘wait, that is not all!’ infomercial feel to it.

Feedback: What Owners of the Kuak Beach Bags Said

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers of these bags. The big sizing got a lot of mentions, many people got enthusiastic about being able to fit everything in for a trip to the beach or pool.

Another positive theme is the ability to wash these bags. Zips and pockets got mentioned, though nobody was all that blown away by the free waterproof phone carrier. The main negatives were about the inner lining, which tore for a small number of buyers. These bags do come with a 12-month warranty – which I hope those people took advantage of.

Make sure that you check the latest feedback before you buy. You never know when things change, even for something as straightforward as a big beach bag.

Wrapping Up: Is the Kuak Large Beach Bag Right for You?

This popular bag doubles-up as a beach bag, great for a trip to the pool, or just for a family day out. It is a full 22 inches across, deep, and versatile. Inside there is a separate zipped pocket, holders for smaller items and a bottle opener thrown in.

You get a choice of designs, with striking and bold colours what links them.

Feedback has been almost all positive. Many people were happy with the size, ability to wash it and those small extras.

Check out the designs for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


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