Kensie Gemstone Cases

Summary: Kensie Gemstone luggage is unique. The shape is unlike anything you will have seen at the airport before. Elegant lines are shaped like a gemstone. Kensie have created cases which are both geometric and beautiful. You can choose from a range of colours, including the stand out rose gold, or luxurious midnight blue. These gemstone shaped cases are packed with practical features. You get a combination lock (which has that all-important TSA override). They have spinner wheels, which lets you push or pull them.

Check out the close ups in the linked picture gallery, you will see that the inside is just as beautifully designed as the outside.

See the gallery and compare the colour options on this dedicated product page now!

Detailed Review of the Kensie Gemstone Suitcase Range

You get a choice of 2 sizes. There is also an option to get them together as a matching set (which saves money, at least at the time of writing).

There is a 20-inch version, which is designed to meet carry-on requirements for both budget and flag-carrier airlines. The bigger one is 28 inches, this is for check-in, and has plenty enough room for a week away.

The rose gold version is pictured on this page. This is only one of the colour options. All the cases have a high-gloss finish. Note that many cases like this will pick up surface scratches.

  • Black
  • Midnight Blue
  • Rose Gold

It is the geometric gemstone design which really helps these cases to stand out. Not only is this eye catching, you will never have to explain to anyone that it is supposed to look like a gem – it hits you in an instant!

Features of these Gem Shaped Cases

Gem Shap[ed Cases from KensieEach case comes with 8 sturdy wheels. These are in pairs on each corner. They allow these Kensie cases to spin around. They can easily be steered in any direction. On a tiled surface they are easy to push by your side or in front. For carpets or uneven surfaces, tilt your case and pull it behind you instead.

The handle has a single bar, with the beautiful design including the slightly curved handle at the top. You get a badge on the front, and Kensie name plate on the back. Handles on the top and loops for a strap on the sides. There is a simple combo lock, which is always a plus for deterring casual thefts.

Inside, you get meshed and close pockets on one side, with a lined open compartment on the other side. This comes with elasticated straps to hold your clothes / shoes in place.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Kensie Gemstone Cases

One buyer got sent a pink case instead of a black one. While I understand that this is a hassle, a one-star review is more of a ‘protest vote’ to vent frustration than something useful for others to read. Amazon returns are extremely easy after all… each to their own, I guess.

One negative which often appears for high gloss cases is that they scratch easily. This came up several times. A case arriving scratched is obviously not right, you will need to treat this type of finish with care, as small lines can easily appear.

That said, there was plenty of positive feedback from buyers. The elegant looks were mentioned multiple times. Surprisingly, the practical features and general durability also got a lot of mentions.

To wrap up the feedback section, I always recommend you check the latest comments. A case / brand can get better or worse over time – and let’s face it, people are quick to complain if things do go downhill!

Wrapping Up: Are the Kensie Gemstone Cases Right for You?

You will already know whether that geometric, gem-like design appeals to you. If it does, then the practical aspects of these cases should not stop you going ahead. Kensie have created a beautiful design, and added a lot of small extras you would expect to pay big money for.

There are 8 wheels, a telescopic handle, combo lock, pockets, and straps inside and attention to detail for the badges and even the zip handles.

Check out the colour combinations and close ups for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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