Large Vintage Style Wheeled Suitcases from Unitravel

Summary: If you thought that retro style suitcases needed to be dull, then think again! These wheeled (spinner) cases from Unitravel combine classic retro looks with all the benefits of modern luggage. Choose your colour and design, then select from three sizes ranging from a carry-on case to XL checked in luggage. Leather elements in the construction help to create a design with is authentic, as well as practical.

As you might imagine from retro cases this distinctive, the feedback from buyers is hugely positive. Check it out now, along with the close-ups and design options, over on this dedicated product page.

UNITRAVEL Suitcase Vintage Travel 72 Centimeters 55 Liters 4 Wheels Navy Blue Number Lock

UNITRAVEL Suitcase Vintage Travel 72 Centimeters 55 Liters 4 Wheels Navy Blue Number Lock

Imported high quality microfiber leather + Built-in fixed reinforced fiber board. The leather is … read more

Detailed Review of the Retro Vintage-Style Suitcases from Unitravel

There are 4 retro designs in this range. They go from classic to bold (with the flower print). Here is what you get to choose from:

  • Flower: Bright pastel style flowers drawn in multiple colours and shapes over a black background. This case has contrasting white straps and handles.
  • Light Grey: A smart and swish design which will instantly conjure images of the golden age of travel. The white contrasting elements only add to the distinctive looks.
  • Light Pink: Instead of being bold, the pink used here is a subtle, pastel shade. This case looks elegant and refined – with the light grey straps fitting perfectly.
  • Navy Blue: For many, this is the most ‘retro’ of the vintage designs. White straps contrast with the dark body, with the metal elements working perfectly.

You can also choose from 3 sizes (or get them all for the full set).

These are:

  • 55cm (31 litre capacity)
  • 67cm (44 litre capacity)
  • 72cm (55 litre capacity)

Spec: Spinner Wheels and Plenty of Worthwhile Small Details

Inside view vintage spinnersSpinner wheels are almost mandatory on new luggage. Adding it to a retro designed suitcase combines the best of the old and new. These wheels swivel in all directions. This means the cases are pullable, pushable and can easily swivel in and out of the crowd at bust airports.

You can get telescoping handle, which adjusts to different heights. There are regular carry handles too. These have vintage styles and are at the top and side of the cases. All these cases are lockable via a 3-digit combo lock. This is enough to keep you safe from any casual / opportunistic thefts.

With microfibre leather outside, and a tough polyester lining, the materials are up to date. They have a built-in reinforced board, with hard shell design, which will keep your case from being damaged by the usual wear and tear of being checked in.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Unitravel Vintage Suitcases

No surprises to see that the most frequent word in the feedback / comments was ‘style’ or similar. Buyers loved the look of their cases, even the German feedback mentions that the design is ‘appealing’… The build quality was mentioned in several comments too.

On the minus side, someone thought their big case was too small. This makes sense, what this brand calls XL would simply be ‘large’ for other cases. Make sure that you compare the sizes before you buy. A small number of people questioned the solidness. This is a softer material with a hardboard inside to keep it solid – and not like the ABS hard shell cases.

Overall, positive feedback for these cases, with many more happy buyers that those with gripes.

Wrapping Up: Are These Vintage Cases the Right Retro Luggage for You?

Head-turning retro luggage looks are the main plus point for these Unitravel cases. There are 4 designs, along with 3 sizes starting with a carry-on version. Whichever of the contrasting designs you go for, you get a lot of features for your money. They come with spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, combination lock and corner protectors.

With positive feedback, people that already took the retro plunge were delighted with their choice.

Check out the different designs and close-ups of the features for yourself now over on this dedicated product page!

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