Minions Children’s Luggage Review

Summary: Minions luggage will bring a smile for most adults, let alone the kids! This Minions backpack comes with an egg-shaped trolley, and a matching backpack. Feedback (from the adults, though based on the kid’s reactions) has been excellent. The trolley is perfect for cabin luggage, and your children can carry their own toys when you travel. This is more than just a gimmick. Inside are zipped compartments and straps to keep everything in place.

Check out the internal pics and read the feedback from previous buyers for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

Update: I’m changing the links to the official Universal Minions backpack (its better, though does not have wheels). Full page update is scheduled!

Detailed Review of the Minions Children’s Luggage Set

You’ll get 2 separate bags in this set. The first is a small trolley suitcase, with wheels and a telescopic handle. This is 44cm cx35cm x 24cm. Those dimensions are good for most airlines for cabin luggage, though not the super-strict ones like Ryanair. The second bad is a matching backpack. This is smaller at 33cms x 26cms x 17cms and comes with a padded back for comfort.

The key reason to choose this set is that your kid will feel great walking around towing a minion!

A 3D design on both bags is identical. This is a minion looking to one side and smiling. It is wearing those distinctive round glasses, plus blue denim dungarees. As well as the front of the trolley case being bright yellow – the back (which is also moulded plastic) is too.

More Than Just Design: Case Features

I like the way that the maker has used in-line skate type wheels instead of regular suitcase ones. There are two wheels, which are sturdy enough to survive the rigours of travel. On top of your case, the handle retracts flush with the top. This is a push button design, with a single pole and handle. There is also a regular handle on top to carry this like a bag.

Inside the Minions trolley case, you’ll find one closed and one open compartment. Unusually, this bad opens out length ways, and not to one side. One side is zipped and the other uses elasticated straps to hold things down. If you check your own (adult) cases, this is probably the same setup.

You’ll like the padded straps of the matching backpack too. This bag also comes with a separate carry handle. This one is not just for travel, it can double up as a school bag.

Feedback Minions Luggage Set

What Previous Buyers Said About These Children’s Minion Suitcases

A lot of positive feedback for these children’s cases. A lot of this seems to have come from generous grandparents! The space in the main minion came in for some praise. One buyer saying that they got everything for their kid in there for a week, though might need a bigger case for longer!

Everyone seems to have loved the design.

These cases come with a protective film, which you will need to remove. One reviewer, who otherwise loved these cases, did have a gripe about this being tricky to remove.

Overall, a lot of people thought this was a decent quality case for the price point.

Wrapping Up: Is this Minions Case a Winner, or a ‘Case’ of Despicable Me?

You’ll love the way the minion’s expression has been caught. It looks sideways, which adds some fun when you are travelling along. Those Minions are growing in popularity, so there is little danger of this being yesterday’s cool item any time soon. With a cabin bag sized case, plus a backpack there is plenty of value to be had too.

Check out the full galley (inside and outside pics), plus that all-important feedback from previous buyers for yourself now!

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