R2R2 Spinner Suitcase from American Tourister

Summary: These official R2D2 Suitcase designs from American Tourister are every Star Wars fan’s dream. They are licensed, and top quality – with the know-how of a brand which are part of the Samsonite family included. You get three sizes to choose from, covering one hand-luggage case and two that are check-in size. The sharpness of the picture makes them look amazing. Until you get close, it is hard to tell that these cases are regular shapes, and not the round R2D2 shape.

Check out the feedback from owners for these Star Wars cases. This is hugely positive, covering the build quality and practicality – as well as the striking design.

See the zoomable pictures from different angles for yourself over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

AMERICAN TOURISTER Star Wars Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, R2D2, Carry-On 21-Inch, Star Wars Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels (Apparel)

AMERICAN TOURISTER Star Wars Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, R2D2, Carry-On 21-Inch, Star Wars Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels (Apparel)

These ARE the droids you were looking for… iconic design with American Tourister quality makes these cases durable as well as iconic!

Detailed Review of the Disney Wavebreaker Star Wars R2D2 Suitcases

There are many striking designs in the ‘Wavebreaker Disney’ range. They cover many classics like Mickey Mouse, along with Power Barbie and Star Wars design.

Spinner cases work perfectly for R2D2. By putting some plain white on the ‘shoulders’ this case really does need a second look before you realise it is the usual rectangle shape. The spinner wheels contribute to the look. It appears to glide along by your side. You can push or pull it, depending on the type of floor. The wheels have grey caps, which works with the droid design.

Sizes and Carrying Capacity

These cases come in the standard sizes for the Disney range. The smallest spinner is within the guidelines for hand luggage for all but the strictest low-cost airline. There are then two bigger options, a medium and a large, which are check-in size.

Here are the measurements:

  • Small: 55cm tall, 36 litre capacity
  • Medium: 67cm tall, 64 litre capacity
  • Large: 77cm tall, 96 litre capacity

Inside View R2D2 Suitcase

R2D2 Suitcase from American Tourister: Features and Security

Each case comes with four double wheels which move in any direction. The name spinner refers to the fact that you can spin your case 360 degrees. These wheels are hardy and will survive airport baggage carousels without a problem. There is a lightweight telescoping handle to push or pull your case along.

There are two regular handles. One on the side, and the other on the top. If you choose either of the two bigger versions, you get a TSA override lock. This lets you check in your case for trips to the USA, without worrying that their customs people will break in.

Inside you get one zipped side and one with elastic straps to hold things in place. The surface is designed to resist scratches.

Feedback: Was the Force With the R2D2 Suitcase?

A lot of feedback from parents / grandparents buying these cases as gifts. The overall scores are hugely positive. Naturally, the Disney designs (both for Star Wars and the other ranges) got a lot of mentions. I’m happy to see that the quality of the cases was also mentioned frequently.

Only a handful of negatives. One person’s case got cracked, and they were upset at not getting a refund. While American Tourister cases are a lot tougher than the no-brand rivals, no maker will refund this kind of in-transit damage. I do understand the disappointment though!

Checking out the feedback from buyers only takes a few minutes. This is always a great way to get the low-down on your luggage, rather than going by the marketing materials!

Bottom Side View r2d2

Wrapping Up: Would Yoda Say ‘Buy R2D2 Luggage, You Should’?

If you (or someone you love) is a big fan of Star Wars, these cases make a fantastic buy. Best of all, American Tourister don’t compromise on the quality. All the Disney cases share a solid, practical design which is lightweight and scratch resistant. Simply put, if you love the design, there are no practical reasons not to enjoy these cases.

Check out the details, via the zoomable pictures, and the latest price for yourself now, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


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