Antler Richmond Exclusive Suitcase Review

Summary: It was the geometric design which first caught my eye with the Antler Richmond Exclusive cases. This shows rectangles, some long ways, some upright – each a slightly different size. The overall effect is smart. This is a quality hard shell case from Antler. It has a toughened ABS shell, which will keep it intact for years to come. You get a TSA lock, telescoping handle and 4 all-direction ‘spinner’ wheels too. The inside is certainly worth checking out.

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Detailed Review of the Antler Richmond Exclusive Hard-Shell Suitcase

These cases are hard shell in the old sense. Instead of flexible materials which magically toughen up when you apply force, this is a single solid ABS shell on each side. Not only will that give you a long-lasting case, it will still look good years down the line.

There are two sizes:

  • 55cms / 44 litres
  • 79cms / 117 litres

You can get a matching set. This is often at a price lower than buying both the carry-on and checked in versions separately.

The design is unique, in a good way. Those rectangles in both directions cover the entire front of the case. I am no artist, though there are some references to the piles of luggage waiting to be loaded onto a plane in this design.

Features of the Richmond Range

Open View Antler RichmondThis is a spinner case. There are 4 tough wheels, which each rotate 360 degrees. This means you have the option to push the case, pull it along, walk with it on your side or (if you are on a carpet) to pull it on just 2 of the wheels like old-school cases.

The handle is retractable. There is a TSA combination lock. This grabs the ends of the zips and holds them in place via a combination lock. The TSA part is so the US customs people can open it (their default before these locks was simply to break cases open). There is an Id tag.

Finally, you get additional handles on the top and the side for moving your cases around in transit.

Inside the Antler Richmond Exclusive Cases

Richmond cases open in the middle, giving you two equal sized packing compartments. The lining is a smart black. One side can be zipped shut. The other side features elasticated straps to keep your clothes secured. There are no fancy mesh pockets or other gimmicks for this case, it does cover the basics well.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of Antler Richmond Cases Say?

Antler Cases FeedbackPositive feedback for this case. Comments did include some for ‘Vine’ which were exchanged for free products. These seem to pay reviewers by the word, judging by the long-winded essays written!

One word which came up several times was ‘Spacious’. This was mentioned for the smaller version as well as the bigger check-in one. There were also several comments on the design. You will already know whether you like it, if you do – then you are certainly in company.

One commenter compared the quality to Samsonite – which is a plus.

No negative comments as yet. This can change, and I always recommend that you check out the latest feedback before you buy. Antler have a great reputation. They have been making luggage for 100 years. On the off chance they have a ‘miss’, do make sure that you read the comments.

Wrapping Up: Is the Antler Richmond Exclusive Right for You?

This case is all about the geometric rectangles design. If you agree that this has a certain style, then the quality, features and reputation of the manufacturer are all positives. It is only available in black and has cabin and check-in sizes. Matching sets are available.

Like all Antler cases, the list of features is impressive. Strong spinner wheels, TSA lock, zipped inner and built-in Id tag are all things you would miss if they were not around.

Check out the full gallery and the latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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