Lazy Drawstring Makeup Travel Bag

Summary: This drawstring makeup bag solves two problems in one go. To start with, it is a durable, waterproof bag that will keep your makeup and accessories separate when you pack. Second, it opens fully, so you can find your makeup quickly when you arrive – then simply draw the string to close when you are done.

Add to this the bargain price point and hugely positive feedback and you’ll find the Lazy Drawstring Makeup Bag as close to a ‘no brainer’ as you’ll find.

Check out the colour combos and latest (if any) discounts over on this dedicated product page.

ZhengYue Lazy Drawstring Make up Bag Portable Large Travel Cosmetic Bag Pouch Travel Makeup Pouch Storage Organiser for Women Girl Black (Luggage)

ZhengYue Lazy Drawstring Make up Bag Portable Large Travel Cosmetic Bag Pouch Travel Makeup Pouch Storage Organiser for Women Girl Black (Luggage)

Made of Scratch-resistant/Durable/Water-resistant material, protects from scratches – fully machine washable…. read more

Detailed Review: The Lazy Drawstring Makeup Bag

When it is closed, this bag looks like a large pouch, the top section crosses over, giving you the impression of a regular bathroom bag.

It is when you peel back the lid that the real benefits become obvious. Instead of a zipped top, it is closed with a drawstring. As you loosen it, the entire pouch will open. Fully opened it is a flat circle. The drawstring now goes around the outside, with a surface big enough to reveal all your makeup and accessories in one go.

After you finish getting ready, you can simply pull the drawstring closed (slowly!), which will move the top up and close your makeup away. Attach the Velcro, and you’ll stop it wanting to collapse out again until the next time you use it.

These bags are made of durable ‘Oxford Canvas’, which is waterproof and durable – there is no reason one of these bags should not last you for years.

Zip Pockets

A big difference to similar models is the double zipped pockets inside. These are great for those smaller items. If you have tried a similar bag without them, then those small things falling around when you open the drawstring will be a well-known frustration.

Lazy Drawstring Makeup Bag: Choice of Design / Colours

Travel Make Up BagMost people will go for the black. This is far from your only choice, with some striking colour and design combinations available. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Black
  • Feather (blue with white feather print)
  • Flamingo (turquoise with pink flamingo print)
  • Navy Flamingo (navy with pink flamingo print)
  • Lipstick (white with makeup, lips and number print)
  • Pink (very bright pink)
  • Red (more like scarlet)

The single colour versions have the words ‘Vava Box’ on the lid / cover.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Lazy Drawstring Travel Makeup Bags?

One thing that comes across in the feedback is that these bags as not only for travel. Many previous buyers say that they are super-handy to have at home too. Some go into detail of solving issues with makeup on the sofa or bed… though your mileage will vary!

Overall the feedback is very positive, with the few negative comments based on the ‘cheapness’ of the bag completely out numbered by the positives. I’m not sure what people expect at this price point – silk? Gold plating? Diamonds??

Do make sure you check the latest feedback for yourself before you buy – people at amazon are always quick to highlight any issues.

Wrapping Up: A Solid Solution to Makeup on Your Travels

For a super-low price point, you can solve a major hassle when travelling (or even at home). These bags keep your makeup and accessories in one place. They then allow you to flatten the bag, revealing everything ready to use in one go.

When you are done, simply draw the string, attach the Velcro and you have everything back in a bag.

With hugely positive feedback and a super-cheap price point, these travel makeup bags are as close to a no-brainer as you’ll find for your travel needs.

Check out this dedicated product page for the gallery and feedback now!

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