Level8 Aluminium Carry-On Review

Mark’s Summary: These Aluminium carry-on cases from Level8 certainly have the wow-factor – what I answer in this detailed review is whether they are practical. With a solid aluminium shell, these are heavier than plastic cases, they are also slightly bigger than your average carry-on suitcase. What you do get is a carry-on that will last and last. That higher than average initial price tag will turn out to be a bargain when your luggage still looks amazing years from now.

If you love the look of these aluminium cases, read on for the full practical review.

Note – there is a darker version, which is equally stunning in grey. My review will stick with the silver one (for me this one is the real head-turner!).

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Detailed Review of the Level8 Aluminium Carry-On Suitcases

Let’s kick off with the size and the weight, before getting to the features and inside setup.

This is a large carry on, here are the dimensions:

  • Height: 55cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Depth: 21cm

If you are a frequent traveller on lower cost airlines, this will fall outside of their guidelines for a carry-on. With the bigger international airlines, you’ll need to check the guidelines, while 55cm is common, this one is a tad bigger (so beware any pedantic check-in staff!).

It is notably heavier than average. At 4.6kgs, the solid aluminium shell certainly adds some weight. This is about the same weight as a large plastic case – with most plastic carry-on options between 3kg and 3.5kg.

What you get for this extra weight is a real metal shell that has been heat treated to 1000 degrees and will withstand anything your travel might throw at it.

Spinner Wheels Level8 Metal

Spinner Wheels and TSA Lock: Fully Featured Setup

The only splash of colour on these aluminium carry-on cases from Level8 is on the spinner wheels. You get double wheels on each corner, which have a yellow Level8 logo on them (don’t worry, its not too garish).

You get a telescoping handle – there is a safety warning from the maker not to lift your case using this. I’d agree this is a bad idea, especially when your case is fully packed. Solid plastic handles which reminded me of older designs before the wheeled era are a better option for moving your case around.

Each corner is reinforced and are more rounded than the other styles from Level8.

What really stood out for me was the double combination locks. These are on the side of your case, one at the top and one at the bottom. Each has a TSA override for USA travel and the standard 3-reel lock which you pick your own numbers for.

Inside Features of the Level8 Aluminium Carry-on Suitcases

I was pleasantly surprised by the inside.

Instead of the usual cheap polyester lining and one open / one closed setup that Level8 use for their plastic range, this inside has a bit of luxury.

You get a thicker grey textile for your lining, which feels more like a coat to me. There are smart mesh covers for the sides. These cases are split evenly, the design means no side pocket this time. Packing cubes make a lot of sense for this setup, with the mesh cover able to keep them in place.

Quality lock with TSA override

Feedback: What Do Regular Users of the Level8 Aluminium Carry-on Cases Say?

Hugely positive feedback for these cases, which showed me there is more to them than just the looks.

The theme from many different people is that the extra expense was worth it when it comes to the quality and durability of the cases.

Several people noted that these are bigger and heavier than other carry-on options. For low-cost airlines (Ryanair and the like), you’ll probably be challenged. Major airlines should not be a problem but do check before you fly.

Overall, people were super-happy with the build quality and the design / looks of their cases.

Remember, feedback can change – so make sure you check the latest comments, whichever kind of luggage you buy.


Wrapping Up: Are Level8 Aluminium Suitcases Right for You?

These cases will last for years.

When you divide the (admittedly higher) price point by 5, 8 or even 10 years – then they become a genuine bargain.

With a head-turning design, aluminium body and features list that puts the biggest names in luggage to shame – I was pleasantly surprised by these Level8 cases.

Check out the stunning full picture gallery and get the latest prices now – over at the official Level8 store at amazon.co.uk!


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