ProCase Clear Backpack Review

These transparent backpacks from ProCase ticks all the boxes at a low price point.

Transparent / Clear backpacks have become fashionable, as well as practical.  This case can be used for events that require a transparent bag for extra security, for school, work or just as a statement item for day-to-day use. They are made from transparent PVC and come with a choice of three trims.

With solid feedback, you get a quality transparent backpack – at a low price. Check out this dedicated product page for the options now!

Detailed Review of the ProCase Transparent PVC Backpack

Let’s start with the size and trim options, before highlighting the features.

These clear backpacks are 16.5 inches tall, by 11.2 inches wide and 5 inches deep. This gives you plenty of room for laptops, books, or your gym gear. They are made with heavy-duty PVC, which feels thick to the touch.

You get to choose from three trims. For me, the black stands out, providing sharp borders for the clear panelling. The alternative options are grey and navy.

Pockets / Mesh Setup

There are three compartments / pockets on these transparent backpacks.

The main compartment is big enough for your laptop, and easily fits several books or your gym equipment. It has a double-zip, which opens all the way across the top – so no fiddling around with getting things into a small opening is required.

You also get a smaller front pocket. There is a mesh outside pocket on top of this. It does not obscure the view of the contents (in case you need a transparent backpack for a sporting event or outdoor festival). The final zipped pocket is at the side. This is perfect for those smaller items.

Clear Backpack Detail

Noteworthy Features of the ProCase Transparent Backpacks

These transparent bags are scratch resistant. For anyone that has not owned one before, this is more important than you’d think! It is also waterproof enough for a rain shower, though I would not recommend jumping into a pool with one. The PVC exterior is wipe-clean and dustproof.

Shoulder straps are padded, just like on a regular backpack. They are adjustable via a buckle and made of breathable mesh cloth. These straps are long enough to wear your clear bag on your back, or to hang it over one shoulder.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the ProCase Transparent Backpacks Say?

Positive feedback overall for these bags. One comment that made me smile said that the user’s feet no longer hurt at the end of a day. I’ve never come across this from a bag before, though maybe it was a mix-up?!

The size was mentioned multiple times in a positive way. Some people thought it was flimsy, though that contrasted with the majority.

Remember, feedback (and quality) does change over time. Make sure you double-check this before you buy any luggage, even from the big brands.

Wrapping Up: Is the ProCase Transparent Backpack Any Good?

At the price, you really can’t go far wrong with these clear backpacks from ProCase. They are hugely popular and tick all the right boxes for both practical features and quality.

I like the wipe-clean PVC, which will withstand both dust / dirt and a rain shower. There are three pockets, with enough capacity for a day out, work or the gym. These are getting popular as school bags. That said, the main use is for events with extra security – like festivals or sporting events.

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