Superdry Tarp Backpack

This tarp backpack is so distinctive, you can instantly tell it is from Superdry, even without the giant logo on the front.

What I like best is not the style (though that is certainly sharp). It is the lightweight, machine washable polyester material. There are three designs to choose from. Alongside the classic black and grey versions, you get a camo style green version. All have a separate pocket to the main compartment, fully adjustable straps, and a handy hoop on top.

You get a big Superdry logo over the front, with some Asian symbols above.

These stylish backpacks are excellent value too – check the latest price and see the colour options for yourself now, over on the dedicated Superdry tarp backpack page at

Detailed Review of the Tarp Backpacks from Superdry

Superdry made these bags small, though plenty big enough for a laptop, books, or your gym kit. They are 45cm tall, 34cm wide and 11cm deep. Made of lightweight polyester, they weigh in at just 445 grams.

You get a choice of three colours:

  • Classic Black
  • Sharp Grey
  • Green Camo

All are stylish. The camouflage one stands out, you’ll know whether this appeals as soon as you see it. While visible and distinct, the logo does not jump out at you, this is subtle compared to many Superdry products.

Outside Backpack Features

Starting from the back. You get padded straps, which have adjustable belts at the bottom. The padded handle on top is more useful than you’d think. It saves needing to grab one strap or another every time you want to use your backpack.

There is one main zip, arching over the entire unit. A separate compartment is accessed via the two zips moving from the bottom (they come up in a V-shape). In addition, you get pockets at the side, which can fit a drink bottle or a small umbrella.

Superdry made these tarp backpacks machine washable – a great way to keep them clean. You can also wipe down the outside if you pick up a little dust along the way.

Back View Superdry Backpack

Inside Features of the Superdry Tarp Backpacks

In the main section you get a separate padded pocket which is perfect for your laptop. While business cases are bigger, this is perfect for a work or college bag for anyone that does not have an excess of stuff.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About these Superdry Bags?

One of the biggest compliments people can leave is ‘bought another one.’ This goes beyond typing platitudes and shows that someone took action. This appears multiple times for these tarp backpacks – alongside a ton of positive feedback.

The lightweight build gets mentioned multiple times. Style is another aspect which comes up repeatedly. Only a handful of negatives, with some people expecting a bigger bag and others suffering broken zips.

Superdry do have a solid reputation when it comes to service – so I’m confident having the occasional faulty one replaced will not be an issue.

Camo Option Superdry Backpacks

Wrapping Up: Is the Superdry Tarp Backpack any Good?

Whether for college, work, or the gym, these are smart, versatile, and stylish bags. With a big logo, you will need to be a fan of Superdry to get one. That said, the logo is subtle compared to many clothing items in their range.

This backpack is a combination of light and tough. You can wash it in your machine at home and wear it anywhere. Adjustable straps, a padded laptop section and multiple pockets keep things practical.

I’m not surprised this is a best-seller, it ticks all the boxes, and does it with style.

Check out the options and latest price now – on the Superdry Tarp backpacks page at


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