Samsonite Karissa 2 Women’s Small Backpack Review

The Karissa 2.0 backpack from Samsonite combines their know-how and practical features with a little elegance.

Whether you are travelling or heading to the office – this distinctive laptop makes and excellent choice. It is light, tough and has separate pockets to help keep things organised. This backpack comes in Eco Black and Eco Dark Grey. If you have used Samsonite cases before, you’ll already know that the quality is exceptional. With the Karissa range they add style to that quality.

Click here to check out the impressive full picture gallery now – it includes a mock-up of the Karissa Backpack on someone’s back.

Samsonite Karissa 2.0 Backpack, 35 cm, Eco Black (Apparel)

Samsonite Karissa 2.0 Backpack, 35 cm, Eco Black (Apparel)

Samsonite quality, with an understated and elegant design, this bag works for travel or day-to-day use… more

In Detail: Review of the Karissa 2.0 Backpacks for Women by Samsonite

Compared to the big laptop bags in the Samsonite range, the Karissa backpacks are decidedly medium.

They are 26.5 cm tall, by 35cm wide and 15cm deep. There are two colours to choose from. While the black will undoubtedly be the most popular option, I do like the eco dark grey. Note that this does have different styling. My review here is based on the stylish black version.

Karissa backpacks are made from 100% rPET. This is recycled PET plastic, which usually comes from food packaging and bottles. These bags are eco-friendly, and super hard-wearing too.

You do get a pendant… if that is not your thing, it is easy to remove.

Inside View Karissa 2 backpacks


Outside Features of the Samsonite Karissa Backpacks

Straps for this backpack start close together on the top. They arch out, with a curved profile before joining at the sides. This is a design feature, giving the bag an individual look – and keeps the adjustability to fit your size and shape. Silver trim offsets perfectly against the black eco exterior.

You get a handle on top, perfect for both carrying your bag around and storage on a coat hook (for example). There is a smaller front pocket, plus the main pocket has a double zip with rPET tags so you are never searching for hard-to-find zip heads.

No side pockets or drinks holder on this one, it is simply not that kind of bag.

Inside Details and Features Overview

Open the main pocket of the Karissa backpack, and you’ll find a smart light grey interior. I like the way this is laid out. There is one main compartment, which has plenty of room. At the front you get a separate zipped pocket for those small or more valuable bits and pieces. Finishing off, you get two open pockets to keep things separated.

The Wider Karissa Backpack Range

There are multiple options within this range of bags from Samsonite.

For a bag built for 14.1 inch (regular sized) laptops, the Karissa Biz Laptop Backpack is the perfect choice. This comes in a choice of colours, with the ‘Midnight Blue’ version certainly worth a look.

The style of the dark grey version of the Karissa 2.0 is striking too:

Grey Version of the Karissa 2

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Karissa Backpacks Say?

Positive feedback from multiple outlets on this range – which fits with the general reviews and comments that Samsonite bags receive.

The quality gets individual mentions. This is a key reason people return to Samsonite. Lots of bags look similar, but when you feel the material and build quality, you’ll immediately understand why these bags are better. Those small details like the zips, lining and curve of the straps make all the difference.

I did not find any individual mention of the eco credentials of these backpacks in the reviews. They are made from recycled bottles and packaging, which is a big plus for me.

Wrapping Up: Small Backpacks from Samsonite – the Excellent Karissa Range

I am impressed by these smaller, eco-friendly backpacks from Samsonite. You get an elegant bag which is plenty tough enough to last.

There are only two colours in this range. Note that the eco midnight grey version has a different look than the black one I have reviewed here.

You’ll pay a little more for these backpacks, though this is a small price to pay when you consider how long they will last – and how versatile they are. Whether you keep the pendant, well, that is up to you!

Check out those impressive close-up pictures and see the latest price for yourself now – over on this dedicated Karissa Backpacks page at the official Samsonite Amazon shop.


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