Tumi Voyager Carson Backpack Review

Summary: For a practical backpack with style, the Tumi Voyager Carson backpack ticks all the right boxes. This is doubles up as a laptop bag (up to 15 inches), weekend bag or even for hand luggage. Tumi have a reputation for great looking luggage. If you have never owned any of their bags before, then the eye for practical details is what will come as a surprise. Compartments, double zipped pockets, inner dividers and strap adjustments are always spot on.

Check out the beautiful design, close-up pictures and different colour schemes (along with the feedback from current users) on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack Rucksack, 43cm x 30.5cm x 14cm, Black (Apparel)

Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack Rucksack, 43cm x 30.5cm x 14cm, Black (Apparel)

Spacious enough for your daily essentials, plus your laptop and a change of clothes, the Carson Backpack offers the perfect combination of practicality and chic….more

Detailed Review of the Tumi Voyager Carson Backpack

The Carson range are mid-sized. Dimensions are 31 by 14 by 43cms. You’ll get one main compartment, which is double zipped. It is lightweight, just 0.73kgs (a little over a pound). The light profile certainly won’t compromise on the quality – this is as hard wearing as any backpack you’ll find. Having said that you can roll it up for storage when empty.

This bag is perfect for a 15 inch of smaller laptop. With only pro-designer ‘big screen’ laptops bigger than this – 95% of us won’t need more than this. There are plenty more pockets, with the main ones padded.

There are two neutral colours available. The main body is black in both cases. The difference is that one has silver zips and buckles, and the other one gold.

Inside View Tumi Carson Backpack

Pockets and Straps on the Tumi Carlson

In addition to the main (double zipped) compartment, you get plenty more pockets. There is a separate front pocket, which is also double zipped. This one locks (perfect for deterring casual thefts). There is also a side zip pocket. You get a water bottle pocket too. In a nice touch this is water resistant.

The list goes on to include a phone pocket with magnetic strap for easy access.

You get two adjustable padded straps, plus a leather carry handle on top. In addition, there is an ‘add a bag sleeve’. This is a thicker strap on the back of the backpack that allows you to loop over the pulling handle of your regular hand luggage.

For the icing on the cake up I get detachable leather key ring / dangler – which is can be monogramed if you wish.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Tumi Voyager Carson Backpacks

Glowing feedback, and a lot of it, would be the quick version for these Tumi laptop bag / backpacks. Some of the feedback is long form. This is probably the more articulate demographic that makes up buyers for these higher-end backpacks!

The versatility of the pockets and zip setup came in for a lot of the praise. This went as far as people telling you what they use each pocket for in the comments. Naturally the styling also came in for praise – as you’ll see from the gallery and close-ups at amazon.co.uk, this is a super-smart (and unisex) bag.

It was hard to find too many negatives. One buyer had a zip come loose, which seemed to have ruined her entire life (!).

Feedback for other Tumi items is also good. Yes, you’ll pay more for this brand, though based on the feedback for a lot of different bags and cases – it is definitely worth the extra to many people.

Wrapping Up: Is the Tumi Voyager Carlson Right for You?

For me the great looks of these laptop backpacks from Tumi are obvious. What you won’t know unless you owned a Tumi case before is just how much quality and attention to detail goes into the construction. Multiple double zipped pockets, magnetic pockets and even a waterproof water bottle holder can be found.

If you want a backpack which will turn heads without being loud – and has a quality you simply won’t find elsewhere, then the Tumi Voyager Carlson is a top pick.

Check out those close-ups, buyer feedback and latest discounts for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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