Samsonite Lite-Biz Spinner Review

Summary: The Samsonite Lite-Biz Spinner breaks the mould of ‘same old’ business rollers – with style. This case is made special materials exclusive to Samsonite. This is the super light and super strong material which gives the Lite-Shock and Neopulse ranges that ‘wow’ factor. Combine this with the flatter, wider design of the Biz-Lite spinners, and the unique way they open, and you have a completely original concept. This doubles as a day-to-day laptop roller case, or hand luggage. The flatter design makes it easy to pick up and carry when you are not pushing or pulling it.

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Detailed Review of the Samsonite Lite-Biz USB Spinner

Let’s start with the size. This squat spinner is 44cm tall, 23cm deep and 43cm wide. Most laptop friendly hand luggage is 10cm taller – and 7 or 8cm narrower. The Lite-Biz spinners have a full 30 litre carrying capacity. They are super lightweight too, just 2.6kgs.

I love the dimensions. I also love the design; those ridged sides are my pick – though the triangle ridge at the bottom fading into a flatter ridge towards the top also works. Samsonite state this is perfect for a 15.6 inch and under laptop. Not too many bigger ones around these days. I personally don’t have a 17 incher to test with!

This case is made the exclusive super-light material that make Samsonite cases so popular. When you first pick one up, it is hard to believe just how light they are.

Laptop Compartment Biz Lite

Pockets and Outside Features.

Each corner has a double wheel setup. This laptop case is a spinner, and you can spin it round to prove it. Those wheels are tough, the same kind you get on check-in cases.

The handle has more telescoping joins than regular Samsonite hand luggage. It needs them as the unit is squat. This case has a top handle, which is made of soft leather. You also get a TSA override combination lock. This is useful on a business bag for day-to-day security, though this is not the kind of bag that you’ll be checking in often.

You get a front compartment, and a bigger inner one.

USB, Packing / Inside Features of the Lite-Biz Laptop Spinners

A welcome extra is the USB charging port. This is perfect for giving your phone a boost or for your laptop in a tight spot.

The inside of the pockets show that this is designed for the business traveller. In the smaller front pocket, you get a zipped document pocket, plus access to smaller pockets for pens, electronics, and smaller gadgets. This goes all the way to the inner compartment.

When you unzip the case, you access the inner compartment directly. You get a pocket with a strap to keep your laptop safe, and plenty of room for packing. If you travel reasonably light, these cases will work for overnight stays too.

USP Port on Laptop Cases

Feedback: What Regular Users of Lite Biz USB Laptop Spinners Said?

Having checked the different outlets, I can only assume that the business traveller demographic that this bag is aimed at are not the type to leave reviews! Very little on the Biz-Lite range on any major outlet.

Overall, Samsonite cases get great feedback. Negatives for their super-light cases include scratches and difficulty removing the stickers that airlines are so keen on using these days. The quality and ‘wow’ factor of the lightness are positives.

One thing to keep in mind is the Samsonite warranty. All cases come guaranteed from breakages – a pilar which Samsonite have built their business.

Wrapping Up: Is the Biz Lite USB Spinner Right for You?

Different, without being crazy, the Biz-Lite cases are perfect for the business traveller that wants a practical case that is not a clone of everyone else’s.

Biz-Lite cases have a squat profile, and sharp design. It is the features list that make it stand out. The USB port is a welcome extra, though the thinking that went into the pockets, handle, wheel setup and lock are all more important.

I’m a fan, and with Samsonite quality these laptop cases look like they will stand the rigours of daily use no problem at all.

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