Kipling Teagan Duffel Bag / Suitcase Review

Summary: Kipling call the Teagan Duffle bags a ‘multifunctional traveller’. I prefer to think of it as the missing link between a duffel bag (holdall) and a wheeled soft-shell suitcase. Either way, this is a popular and versatile option. It comes in 4 sizes and colours ranging from the stately to the garish! Yes, you will get one of those coveted Kipling monkey key rings with it.

What I like best about this case is the access. Kipling really thought through the pockets, and how you get to things on the go without having to open the entire case.

Check out the gallery for those internal pictures and design options on this dedicated product page.

Kipling TEAGAN M, Medium Soft Case 2 Wheels Luggage, 66 cm, 74 L, 3.1 kg, Blue Bleu 2 (Shoes)

Kipling TEAGAN M, Medium Soft Case 2 Wheels Luggage, 66 cm, 74 L, 3.1 kg, Blue Bleu 2 (Shoes)

Kipling quality, a smart (though not loud) design and a long list of practical additions make the Teagan the…more

Detailed Review of the Kipling Teagan Soft Shelled Duffel Bags

This case has wheels and a telescopic handle. It also has plastic stoppers to keep it upright when you let go. So far, that fits the bill for a regular 2-wheel soft cover suitcase. When you take into account the straps, you’ll find the Teagan range also work as shoulder bags. You can pick them up like a large duffel.

You can get the Teagan cases in 4 different sizes:

  • Small: 56x36x29cm, 40 litres, 2.7kg
  • Medium: 63×35.5x32cm, 79 litres, 3.6kg
  • Large: 77x39x38cm, 117 litres, 3.76kg
  • There is also an extra small option, which also has a range of colours.

Wheeled Duffles from KiplingWhat Special Features Does the Kipling Teagan Duffel Have?

The key feature is a large U-shaped zip, which is on the front / top of the case (depending on whether you have it stood up). This gives you quick access to the main compartment. You can pack anything you might need quickly in that side of the case. When you need quick access, you can use the additional zip. If you ever needed to open your entire case to grab something in-transit, you’ll quickly see the benefit!

Its use as a duffel bag includes padded handles. You’ll find those at the side and on top of the bag. Wheels are solid, and fixed in place. You can pull this case along easily, though it is not an all-direction spinning type.

It has a combination lock, which uses the zips. This has a TSA over-ride, making this case suitable for US travel.

Finally, there is a separate zipped top pocket – another big plus, especially for us regular travellers.

Buyer Feedback Kipling Teagan

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Teagan Cases Range?

‘Quality’ is the word which comes up again and again in the comments left by previous buyers. Another plus was that you can pack a lot into each bag. This bears out when you compare the dimensions with capacity with other cases. Hard-shell cases in particular just do not have as much flexibility.

The only negatives I could find concerned the easy of ‘driving’. Some people found the 2-wheel setup less flexible than the 4-wheel spinner type cases. My thought is that the flexibility to use this as a duffel bag more than makes up for the absence of the extra wheels.

Overall, there is a lot of positive feedback for the Teagan range. Make sure that you check this for yourself before you make your final decision.

Wrap Up: Is the Teagan Suitcase the Best Duffel / Wheeled Case Combination?

You’ll get a lot of luggage packed into a Kipling Teagan. Once in, you have a choice. You can carry it on your shoulder like a holdall / duffel bag – or pull it along using the two wheels. You get a choice of colours and designs. These range from traditional blacks / blues through to the amazing showy Metallic Pewter (which is certainly worth a look!).

Check out the options for yourself now on the Kipling Teagan dedicated product page.

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