Antler Aire 4-Wheel Suitcase

Summary: If you are looking for a sophisticated and stylish suitcase for your next journey then the 4-wheeled Aire from Antler could be the ideal bag for you. Smart enough for a business trip but also well designed with pockets and straps that will allow you to easily organise your items. This bag is also expandable allowing you to easily fit your items. This is an extremely lightweight suitcase, allowing you to truly make the most of your luggage allowance. You can get this suitcase in small, medium or large. What I like about this one is that the style is distinctive, you will not be another traveller with an identical Samsonite!

Check out the Antler Aire on this dedicated product page to see a variety of pictures including clear internal views.

Antler Suitcase Aire 4-Wheel case, Dark Grey, Gross 44 Liters (Internal capacity 33)

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Detailed Review of the Antler Aire 4-Wheel Suitcase.

Innovatively designed and stylish this suitcase is a great option for those looking for a spacious bag that is smart looking enough for a business trip. The bag is extremely lightweight, helping you to easily move this suitcase and allowing you to make the most out of your luggage allowance. The ten-year warranty on the suitcase helping to give buyers that extra bit of assurance and showing just how much faith Antler have in this great suitcase. Each suitcase comes with a fixed TSA combination lock which will give you that extra bit of security to protect your items and is ideal for those planning a trip to the USA where certain locks are approved. It is designed well and has internal pockets and a packing strap to help you to keep your items securely in place and help you to stay organised on your travels. Sizes include small, medium and large so you can find the option best for you and your needs. It comes in four smart colours teal, khaki, charcoal and navy, so you can find something to fit your personality.

3 Size Options

The small suitcase is a size that will fit as a good-sized hand luggage bag on most airlines. It is 55x40x20cm and can fit up to 44 litres in side of the suitcase which is good for the size. It is also very lightweight at 2kg, which should help you to make the most of your luggage weight allowance. Those who have brought this size option have said that they love this case, it is spacious and makes them excited to travel.

The medium sized suitcase is perfect for up to a week away according to buyer reviews. It is 44x27x68cm and weighs 2.5kg which is very light for the size of the suitcase. It has a capacity of up to 87 litres which is very good for this size of case, allowing you to take a lot with you on your travels really making the most out of that luggage allowance. Those who opted for this option have said it is good, lightweight and easy to navigate.

The large sized suitcase is perfect for those going on long haul journeys. It is 80x49x30cm in size, so a good size for a week or more away. It has a capacity of 125 litres so you can fit loads in this fantastic suitcase. It weighs 2.7kg which is extremely light for this size of case. Those who have brought this option have said that they couldn’t recommend it more as it is a truly outstanding suitcase.

Overall this is a stylish and practical suitcase, so don’t miss out check it out today. See the wide gallery of pictures including very clear internal views on this dedicated product page.

Feedback Antler Aire Suitcases

What Previous Buyers Have Said About the Antler Aire?

Buyers seem to love this suitcase, there are countless excellent reviews. One of the most common review topics that came up was the quality which people think is very high. People have said that the bag is durable, surviving multiple trips through busy airports and that the bag is sturdy preventing it from falling apart. Users also seem to love the four-wheels which allow easy 360-degree navigation making moving the bag through busy airports easier and less stressful. People have said that the capacity for this bag is great with many reviewers describing the bag as roomy and spacious. People have also mentioned that the bag is really light which is great for those looking to make the most out of their luggage allowance. The bag is also very stylish and smart looking with some users even taking this bag on business trips.

Very Few Negative Reviews

There are some negative reviews for this suitcase but there are very few in comparison to the positives. One negative that came up was that the user said the suitcase was not expandable, this could be a matter of opinion rather than a reflection of the product and a lot of positive reviews have said that the fact the suitcase is expandable is a great feature. Another negative that came up was to do with quality issues as the bag tore, this is completely fair but could be a faulty item in the batch rather than a reflection of the product.

Overall a fantastic, smart and stylish bag, the multiple size options will allow you to find a size that is right for you whether you need a hand luggage bag or a large bag for a long haul journey. Check out the excellent reviews for this suitcase for yourself.

Wrap up: Is This Antler Case the Right Option for You?

This bag is incredible quality and good value for money. It is stylish and smart enough to take on a business trip, and has sufficient space for up to a week away. Its wheels will allow you to move the suitcase easily 360 degrees without lifting the bag which will help you to easily move the suitcase through the airport. The suitcase has a ten-year warranty to give the buyer that extra bit of security, helping you to feel confident and secure in your purchase.

Check out this outstanding suitcase on this dedicated product page and see the wide gallery of pictures and great range of colours.

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