Hanging Bathroom Bag with Compartments Reviewed

Summary: Once you travel with a hanging bathroom bag with multiple compartments – you will never go back to the old deep / wide single compartment wash bags. The Bagsmart multi-pocket hanging bag is a best seller. When you compare the spec to the price and see the enthusiastic feedback from travellers that own one, it is easy to see why. For not much more than a regular bathroom bag, you get 4 sections that all have practical uses. You also get a choice of styles.

Check out the close-up pics and read those glowing reviews for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

Detailed Review of the Bagsmart Hanging Bathroom Bag with 4 Compartments

When closed, these wash bags look like a small handbag (though not the sort that you’d use as one for a night out!). They are 28cms by 19cms – and 8cms deep. Compared to how long it is when opened, this is compact. When you open it fully, it is 76cms long.

There is a larger version – listed on this same page as ‘black large’ – which is 32cms wide.

All these washbags are made from water resistant polyester. There is a range of colour options to choose from. Thy are:

  • Black
  • Beige Pink
  • Black Large
  • Dark Blue
  • Lake Blue
  • Pink Large
  • Stripe

Each bag has a simple padded handle, plus an outside pocket. As you will see – it is what is inside that makes these hanging bathroom bags really stand out.

4 Compartments With Different Purposes

Hanging Bathroom BagIt is the 4 separate compartments that make this bag so popular. You hang it on a coat hook or towel rack (or at a push over the shower!) and it unravels to show 4 different compartments. You get thinner zipped pockets, which have clear plastic covers to spot what is inside quickly.

The second segment has elasticated straps. This is ideal for keeping smaller bottles in place. You will be able to access this one when you open the main zip, along with the bigger of the covered zipped pockets. It is obvious which are the main pockets once you have this bag – so you will know where to put the most frequently used items.

Bagsmart say this bag is ideal for a 3 to 5-day trip… I can’t imagine what size bag they think people need for a 2-week holiday. Unless you are getting through your products at a rapid rate, this bag will be fine for most trips.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About Their Bagsmart Segmented Bathroom Bag

There is positive feedback for both the practicality and the style / looks of this bag. Overall, the feedback is great – with some people giving it enthusiastic positive reviews. I always look for any reoccurring negatives. Some people found it smaller than expected (a piece of A4 paper is a close match for the 28cm version length). Others mentioned the price… though I can only think they hang out in Poundland asking for things for 80p!

Positives included the compartments of this bathroom bag. Once you try 4 segments, you will never want to go back to a single pocket style one. Some people were impressed by the style, though the organisation was the primary factor.

Feedback can and does change – so make sure you check the latest comments before you buy this hanging bathroom bag or any luggage items online.

Wrapping Up: Are the Bagsmart Hanging Bathroom Bags Right for You?

When you go on a trip, hang your bathroom bag, and can instantly reach all your toiletries for the first time, the penny drops. All those years of rooting around in a bigger single pocket bag will seem like they were wasted… once you go for the compartments, you will never go back.

This item has some small features which make it stand out. The hook rotates, there is an outside pocket, double zip, a choice of colours and elasticated bands on one of the inside pockets.

For the price, you get a practical bathroom bag, which should last you for years.

Check out the close-ups of the inside pockets, and the latest ratings from buyers over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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