Swan Dual Voltage Travel Kettle Review

Summary: I still shudder when I hear those words after checking in to a hotel… ‘There is no kettle’…. If you want to avoid that holiday horror story, then this Swan Travel Kettle is ideal. It is big enough for 2 cups of tea / coffee (0.5 litres), has dual voltage (so will work in most countries, as long as you have a plug adapter) and even comes with its own two cups.

I’d put this at the ‘practical not flashy’ end of the travel kettle spectrum. It gets the job done quickly and quietly with no fuss. The build is solid enough for repeated trips, and it looks smart too.

Unsurprisingly, the feedback for this model is very positive.

Check out the gallery (which includes those plastic cups) for yourself on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the Swan Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

You’ll get a small kettle, which is taller (proportionally) than most models in the kitchen. This means it takes up less space in your bag. It also means it is the right size to fit the two cups inside. At the side is a purple plastic window, which lets you see how much water is boiling. This is divided into levels. An orange light comes in when it is on – the switch is on the large purple handle (a simple on / off).

Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

Dual Voltage

This travel kettle comes with a UK plug. You’ll need an adapter for different places. As an aside, I recommend you get a single ‘universal’ adapter, rather than start a collection of them for different countries!

Dual voltage (110v / 240v) switch is useful in the USA and some other countries. They use a different voltage, which makes many electrical items incompatible. With this kettle, you will not have to worry, simply switch the voltage and you are good to go.

Cups… Well, ok

The cups are small, plastic and, well, good enough. If you are like me and prefer a mug, then I recommend you make alternative arrangements. It was nice of Swan to think of this. And I am sure some people will use them happily!

Feedback Swan Travel Kettle

What Previous Buyers Said About the Swan Travel Kettle?

When first looking at the feedback left for this Swan kettle, I was not expecting too much enthusiasm. After all, it is just a travel kettle.

Well, I was wrong.

It turns out that this model has a lot of fans!

You’ll need to check that feedback with your own eyes to see just how often the word ‘perfect’ comes up. This is not the only compliment, ‘lovely’, ‘excellent’ and ‘bargain’ get a mention too.

Some people were kind enough to mention specific holiday destinations which they took it too. Only one complained about the size, though this could have been a mix up – maybe they were expecting a regular kettle?

Wrap Up: Next Step to Your Tea-Filled Holiday Experience!

There is only so much you can ask from a travel kettle. This dual voltage model from Swan ticks every one of the boxes. It is lightweight, designed well (to pack easily), has a transparent part to see the water level and boils quietly. The voltage switch is an added extra.

Check out the full picture gallery and read some of the entertaining comments left by previous buyers for yourself.

See the Swan Travel Kettle dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for yourself now!

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