Best Foldable Travel Kettle

I first saw this foldable travel kettle watching a popular travel vlogger – and had to get one!

While here in the UK, we have a solid chance of getting a kettle in a hotel room, this is not the normal setup abroad. I felt this keenly on a recent trip to Las Vegas. Not only was there no kettle in our room, the Starbucks et al prices were crazy high.

Packing a travel kettle has always been a suitcase space-issue – well, until now.

These collapsible travel kettles are brilliant. Best of all, they won’t set you back much money. You’ll save the price after about three cups ( or less, depending on where you travel too).

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Detailed Review of the Best Foldable / Collapsible Travel Kettle

Before I get started with the practical details of this kettle – the graphics on the amazon page did puzzle me.

The one with the kettle in the middle and drinks around the outside includes beer.

Now, if you are thinking of the best kettle to boil beer, I really can’t help. Maybe there are some deeper issues here?

Right, back to the kettle. It has a solid base, and a plastic top with a lid and handle. In between, you get a silicone body, which is made of concentric rings that collapse in on each other.

When unfolded, it is just over 7 inches tall. When you collapse it, it is a little under four inches. The capacity is 600ml. I like a bigger cup of tea and get two from this size. After looking up the average size, this is 150ml.

Safety First: Balancing Size and Sturdiness

This is not a kettle for making a cuppa in ‘auto pilot.’

You have to focus when you pour from it so as not to accidentally collapse the silicone rings. You also need to be careful not to knock it while boiling. It is not prone to spontaneously depositing boiling water – only it is more flimsy than a regular travel kettle.

It goes without saying that you need to keep it well away from children and clumsy husbands.

A Travel Kettle that Folds

Feedback: What Owners Said About this Practical Folding Travel Kettle?

A lot of people mention that you need to be careful when pouring – though overall this kettle has solid feedback.

One extra I had not thought of is using is as a back-up. If your main kettle should break, you can grab this one from your travel accessories stash and keep the cups of tea flowing.

One reviewer thought it took a long time to boil. I would suggest she uses colder water to speed things up*, though that bird has probably flown.

Overall, everyone was happy. And for the price, those cups of tea while travelling made a huge difference.

Wrapping Up: Is this the Best Foldable Travel Kettle?

Lightweight, foldable and solid enough to get the job done – this collapsible travel kettle is a bargain.

You’ll only need to make a few cups of coffee or tea in your hotel room, and the price will be covered. From then on, you’ll only be paying for the odd teabag.

The big selling point is that it won’t take up space in your suitcase, compared to traditional solid travel kettles. You will need to use it carefully, especially when pouring. This is easy to do, it just needs a little concentration.

I’m looking forward to giving those overly expensive coffee spots a cheeky grin as I walk past next time. Snug in the knowledge that I got my caffeine fix for a bargain price.

Check out this dedicated page at for the details (and that odd picture with beer on it).


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*The laws of physics behind this have yet to be discovered, but they will be one day… trust me.

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