J Pillow Review

Summary: This the J-pillow is so innovative that it was awarded British Invention of the Year back in 2013. The beauty of it is the simplicity. Compared to most travel pillows, it adds and extra ‘arm’. According to the feedback from 1000’s of happy buyers, this makes it super-comfortable to use. While most of us think of planes for these pillows – the J-Pillow can also be used at home or in the car (though not while driving!). You can see pictures of this pillow in use on their dedicated amazon.co.uk product page – check it out now.

Detailed Review of the J Pillow Travel Pillow

When you first unpack the j-pillow, it does look odd. The basics of a regular travel cushion is in place, though the 3rd arm makes you wonder exactly where you put your neck!

What you find is that the regular arms sit around your head, with the 3rd one coming under your chin from the side. This gives you chin as well as neck support. While those old ‘U’ pillows can be comfortable, there is a risk that your head lolls forward. It can be hard enough to sleep on a plane, without being woken up suddenly to pull your head back up again.

The comments from those 1000’s who have already tried the J-Pillow confirm that it is most certainly a superior product.

Super Detailed Review of the J-PillowSize, Packing and Colour Options

My first thought is that the pillow looks bulky – even compared with the old-style ones. This is not a small pillow by any stretch, though it does fold in on itself fairly well. The claim that it packs smaller than regular pillows might be a little ambitious. At the same time, it is not as bulky as it looks.

There is a little strap, which has a clip to connect your pillow to your hand luggage.

Colour choices are black, black or black! J-Pillow also make a very comfortable looking eye mask, with many people buying these together.

The icing on the cake for many of us is that the entire pillow is machine washable. You can put the whole pillow into your machine, with no need to remove the covers.

j-pillow feedback

What Previous Buyers Said About the J Travel Pillow

A theme that runs throughout the comments is ‘would recommend’. Many people give examples of the flights they went on (long haul mainly) and how much they enjoyed using the J-Pillow. The word ‘comfortable’ came up over and over. Some comments claim they had the most restful fight ever using this pillow.

It was hard to find truly negative reviews (though I always look!). One person who did not get on with this pillow said that it was like being attacked by a giant 3-legged octopus!

Overall the comments are very positive, for the price, this is a lot of travel comfort for the majority of buyers.

Wrap-Up: How Does the J-Pillow Compare?

I love the fact that such a seemingly simple innovation became an award-winning best seller. Adding an extra arm / chin support stops the dreaded ‘head loll’ and lets you sleep on journeys. The soft fabric, which can be machine washed, is an extra plus.

I’d strongly recommend you upgrade from the regular ‘U’ pillows, and see how big a difference that chin support can bring.

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk page for the J-Pillow pricing now!

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