IT Urbane Review: the Worlds Lightest Hand Luggage

Summary: It Urbane hand-luggage uses fibreglass for the structure. Combined with light yet tough polyester for the cover, this gives you an unbeatably light combination. The smallest (carry-on sized) cases are just 1.73 kgs – amazing for a 55cm case with wheels, telescopic handle and multiple compartments. There are 4 colours available, each with contrasting trim. These cases come with the unique IT handle, which is wider than those used for most cases. Feedback for these cases is glowing – with many people unable to grasp how IT managed to get a robust case to be that light!

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it luggage World's Lightest Urbane 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase, 55 cm, 30 L, Charcoal Grey

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Detailed Review of the IT Urbane Super Lightweight Hand Luggage

This page is focused on the hand luggage part of the ‘Urbane’ range. There is also a medium and large version available.

What they share is the high-tech frame. This is made of fibreglass poles. They are not visible. These cases look similar to any other until you pick them up. The lightness almost seems ‘too good to be true’. That fibreglass is tough enough to stand the rigours of frequent travel. With the tough polyester exterior on side to prevent scuffs and abrasions.

Dimensions for the carry-on version are 55.4cms, 18.5cms and 36.1cms. This is in-line with the recommendations for major airlines for the size of your hand-luggage. The width is deeper than for many cases, contributing to the overall 30 litre carrying capacity.

Colours (with trim) are:

  • Black and White (two-tone)
  • Charcoal Grey (with black zips)
  • Navy Blue (black)
  • Persion Red (black)

Quality is assured from IT, via their 10-year warranty.

Pockets and Practical Features of the IT Urbane Cases

You’ll get twin front pockets on this case. The lower one is bigger, covering (approx.) the bottom 2/3rds of the front. Above this is a smaller one, behind the IT logo on the picture above.

The main compartment has a double zip. This is towards the front, opening to reveal a large single compartment behind. This compartment has two adjustable straps, which go top to bottom, for keeping your clothes in place. The back of the lid has two compartments. These are meshed, so you can see what is inside. They don’t have a zip.

If you have not owned IT luggage before, then the handle might come as a surprise. This is almost as wide as the case, with a circular padded handle at the top. There are two robust fixed wheels, with big studs the other side to help keep the case upright when you stop moving.

Inside the IT UrbaneFeedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the IT Urbane Super Light Spinner Cases?

The clever ‘no pipes’ handle design came in for some specific praise in the comment section. This helped create the ‘roomy’ case which several people have mentioned. Weight was of course a big factor; some people took the time to mention that it is also strong.

With no negative feedback at the time of writing this review, it makes good sense to check out the comments before you buy. While you can never please all of the people all of the time – this might flag up some as yet undiscovered issues.

Wrapping Up: Is the Urbane Carry On Luggage from IT Right for You?

As one commenter put it, every gram counts! If you are looking for lightweight luggage, why not go the whole hog and choose the world’s lightest?

IT have innovated with their use of fibreglass. This has now been around a few years and does seem to have stood the test of time.

Add in two front pockets, straps and separate compartments inside the lid – along with a choice of 4 designs, and you have a carry-on case worthy of anyone’s shortlist.

See the designs and latest discounts (if any) over on this dedicated product page.

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