What to Pack for a Trip to Barcelona?

Packing Tips for Your Next Barcelona City Break

Based on the coast of north eastern Spain, Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Visitors flock to Barcelona all year round – making it the 2nd most popular European city break destination (after Paris). This page covers what to pack for a trip to Barcelona.

Barcelona has one of the best beaches in the world, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 35 five-star hotels. Whether you want to take in the culture, walk La Rambla or enjoy the food, this page covers all you need to pack that perfect suitcase.

Pack for the Major Attractions of Barcelona

Barcelona is packed with attractions. You can see art from Picasso, architecture from Gaudi and the historic districts packed with original boutiques, bars, and restaurants. If you enjoy nightlife, then late night cocktails, clubs and a huge casino resort are available.

Below are just three of the biggest attractions:

Basílica de la Sagrada Família:

The Basílica de la Sagrada Família is simply a must see. Based in the northern part of the city, this 19th century neo-Gothic church stands tall against the rest of the Barcelona skyline. With 18 spindly towers. The work was commissioned to Antonio Gaudí in 1883 and it was forecast that the church would take between 10 and 15 years to complete. The building is still not complete to this day. Many other architects have continued work since 1926 and the main nave was completed in 2010 (Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the Basilica that same year).

Attractions Barcelona

La Pedrera – Casa:

It seems that Antonio Gaudí made quite an impact on the city as he also designed another significant Barcelona landmark. The building was commonly known as Casa Mila, but in recent years it is more likely to be referred to as ‘La Pedrera’ which translates to ‘stone quarry’. The building was erected between 1906 and 1912 and has the appearance of a flamboyant sculpture, with the stone façade curved, with rounded windows and plant-like metal balcony railings.

La Rambla:

If you want to get to the heart of the social scene in Barcelona, La Rambla is the place to go. La Rambla is a wide avenue that divides the old town of Barcelona into two parts. It stretches from the Plaça de Catalunya down to the portside. Tourists will find a series of interesting buildings, shops, and restaurants, as well as street performers. An evening stroll on La Rambla is perfect to take in the ambience of the city and enjoy the fresh air in a lively atmosphere.

What to Pack for Barcelona?

Now you know what the major attractions are, you need to decide exactly what will go in your suitcase when you make a trip to this historic city. Most visitors take a 2 or 3 day break. This can help speed you through the airport using only hand luggage.

Here are some useful suggestions:

A Travel Guide:

While there are many landmarks in Barcelona, the general architecture of the city can be remarkably similar, making it easy to get lost at times. With a travel guide, you’ll be pointed to all of the famous landmarks (including the three listed above) and much information about the places to see and be seen.

A Plug Adaptor:

In these days when you need your most modern technology to hand and fully charged, a plug-in adaptor an essential to pack for Barcelona. If travelling from the UK, you will need the double-pronged F type adaptors to plug into the wall. While you will be able to pick these up in certain stores, it’s much easier to be prepared and bring an adaptor with you.

Barcelona Plug Adaptor


While most people will simply use the cameras on their phones, but if you want the best quality pictures, a camera can be a good idea. Barcelona is a beautiful city, and you will want to capture it in the best possible way.


When in the city you will do a lot of walking. Whilst not literally sunbathing, you will be catching a lot of sun and you’ll need to protect yourself. Arm yourself with plenty of sunscreen before you travel, and a wide-brimmed hat can really be beneficial on those city walks.

Comfortable Shoes:

On the subject of walking, you need to take care of your feet. You don’t want to be wearing a brand-new pair of shoes, or a fashion item that is painful to your feet. Pack some comfortable shoes for those sightseeing walks. Wearing trainers or a softer shoe will do the trick.

Money Belt:

In certain parts of the city, pick pocketing is a problem. Therefore, it is useful to have all your valuables tucked away. With a zipped bag, no one will be able to easily slip their hand inside your bag and head off with your valuables. A money belt can be worn under your clothes for even more security. When you pack for Barcelona, think about what others might want to unpack!

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